freelance copywriterFreelance copywriter is often busy with projects. If he is not laden with work, he usually pretends that he is in order to avoid prospective clients to think he is frantic to find work.  Thus, a freelancer, clearly, does not have time to answer the phone every time someone calls. Contrary to this, a freelance copywriter must maintain an open communication line in case paying clients call for something important regarding the work.

Your way out from numerous phone calls

One unique solution is to have a ‘Bat Phone’. Yes, the one similar to Adam West Batman series’ red phone in the Wayne Manor’s library which rings every time Commissioner Gordon calls. Alfred would pick the phone up and say “Yes? … One moment, please.” He would, then, call young Master Wayne who will run fast to the phone to discover which felon broke out of Gotham’s City Prison.

Contrarily, though, your freelance copywriter bat phone need not come in red. Let me tell you how I came up with this awesome idea and how it helped my business as a freelancer.

I have two paying clients for whom I not only copy write but also guide them in their marketing strategies. They are the ones who usually call me as soon as possible, on a thrice to four times a week basis. However, picking up the phone every single time it rings, hoping that it is my client calling, disrupts my focus on work as a freelance copywriter. Thus, I end up not answering the phone at all. I usually ask my assistant or my wife to take the call for me and handle any inquiries.

Because of this, I called up the phone service provider. I told them that I am a freelance copywriter in need of the so-called Ident-A-Call number. This service allows a particular number or numbers to have specific ringtones so that any freelancer would know which among his clients is calling. Thus, whenever my two paying clients need to contact me, the rings will sound different and I will answer the calls right away. What a relief for a busy freelance copywriter like me!

Aside from this service, I also availed of the newly introduced 3-digit prefix which allowed me to select the last four digits at will. Remembering that this will be my freelance copywriting bat phone, I immediately requested for 398-B-A-T-P. It would be easy for my clients to recall. However, when the telecom lady confirmed my request, it sounded like I need a BAT PEE. It was hilarious! So, I ended up with 398-HELP, a perfect phone number for a freelance copywriter.

Why it is good to have a bat phone if you are a freelance copywriter

I told my clients about it and they were glad to hear of my new line. As a freelancer, it felt so good to know that I make my clients feel at ease and know they are getting their money’s worth. Now, even though I have raised my price a bit, my clients are still willing to pay for my services.

I encourage any freelance copywriter to do the same. Upgrade your game, install a bat phone and increase your perceived value. Soon, you will be a freelancer sought after by companies.

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