freelance writingFreelance writing is the dream occupation for all aspiring writers.  Even if you are not a writer, the life of a person who writes is highly enviable.  You get to work on your own time and from any location you like.  You get to do so while practicing your craft that allows you to be creative and that you truly enjoy.

However, freelance writing is definitely not the easiest career path – it takes a lot of discipline and commitment.  The hard work behind freelancing is well-known to David Boles, the Editor-in-Chief and publish of Go Inside magazine.  No stranger to hard work, Boles often starts his day at 8am and does not finish until midnight.  Here are his well-honed nuggets of advice for those that want to get into the world of writing freelance.

Freelance writing is not an instant cash cow

No matter how good you are, you won’t start making bags of cash right away when you delve into freelance writing.  There may also be ups and downs in your writing career so you have to make sure that you plan for these times.  Yes, you should enjoy what you do but if you can’t make ends meet, then writing freelance on a full-time basis may not be for you.

Jumping over writer’s block

Writer’s block is common to all writers.  Boles’ advice on this is simple – “Write.  Just write”.  There are many ways to hem and haw over writing, so you really just have to suck it up and just do it.

Don’t psych yourself out with being creative

Many writers feel that they have to come up with something incredibly brand new.  However, coming up with something incredibly new every time you write won’t create a good profit turnover for you.  Therefore, being successful in freelance writing is more about reinvention rather than creation.  Aim to modify something that exists instead of creating something from scratch.

Surround yourself with positive and understanding people

Freelancing is a different career path, and many may not understand the path that you have chosen.  Additionally, when you are working obscure hours, you may get resistance or distractions from the ones closest to you.  Therefore, you will need to surround yourself with people that support and encourage you.  Boles puts an emphasis on this – especially when it comes to your partner.

Boles’ advice highlights that freelance writing is an unusual career path which is not without difficulty.  Certainly, it is hard work which may not generate financial benefits even if you work yourself to the bone.  However, those that are lucky enough to be able to enjoy freelance writing on a full time basis have an extraordinary life.  Therefore, it’s worth it to give it a shot and give it all that you’ve got.

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