free online surveysFree online surveys are becoming more popular each day because of companies do pay money, vouchers, or send products in exchange of completing a survey. Although a lot of people are not fond of free surveys online, you will be surprised at the number of individuals trading their day job to free online surveys.

Yes, free surveys can really help earn money but ditching your day job for a work at home one may not always be a good idea. These online surveys are made to help people stay busy during their spare time. However, if you are intending to make it more than just a hobby but a source of living, you have to be abreast with a few guidelines when signing up and answering free online surveys.

Avoid list companies

List companies are like a middle man. They try to lure people to sign up with their free surveys yet once you get access to the list of free surveys, they charge you some amount. Sure, they are just doing business, but the thing is that you can get a list of free online surveys somewhere else and the survey company would not charge you a cent for it.

If you really want to earn money by answering free surveys online, avoid the middle man. You do not get to pay anything yet you get paid. As much as possible, review or participate in discussion forums to determine which sites are list companies.

Make sure free online surveys are legit

Creating websites these days is very easy. Be careful when signing up with free online surveys. Ensure its legitimacy first. Some website pose to offer online surveys for free. In reality, however, they are marketing sites which offer personal information to advertisers. Once your information is in the hands of advertisers, you will begin receiving unsolicited spam messages that will take up most of your mail.

Avoid getting spammed by reviewing the privacy policy of free online surveys first before signing up. A privacy policy contains a promise that the company will not share or give out your personal information to third party organizations. Other free surveys, on the other hand, will ask you whether you want to share your personal information to other parties by clicking yes or no boxes. The choice is yours.

Free online surveys for kids

Some free online surveys will require your kids’ participation. There are even parents which sign their kids up in these kinds of surveys. Yes, your kid, too, can join. Ensure, though, that when your kids answer free surveys, you or any other adult is around to monitor the questions, and their internet usage.

Make certain the site is secure

Giving away your time to answer free online surveys is one thing, and giving away your credit information is not, in anyway, the same. When you are required or you opt to use a credit card, ensure that the website is secure. Otherwise, opt for PayPal or ClickBank to get paid from answering free online surveys.

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