free ezine articlesFree ezine articles are contents that you allowed to be used in various emails, websites, and forms of publications. The use of ezine articles for free is important in keeping your website interesting, your client’s returning to your site, and your business on top of the Search Engine list.

Of course, there are pros and cons in using this. To give you an idea of what are the advantages and disadvantages, below are the things you need to know if you want to use free ezine articles in your website.

Free ezine articles: The Pros and Cons


There are numerous pros of allowing your ezine articles to be used by various website owners, for one it can boost the exposure for both your website and articles since one of the agreements in using free ezine articles is the retention of the author’s name and website in the article.

Second, with the need for vast topics in websites, the contents you will need to write need not of the same topic. You can write your free ezine articles with topics that ranges from web hosting to web design, whatever fits your preference is acceptable. However, you must always remember one rule: be informative and interesting. Always include information that is true and verifiable. Do not fall into the trap of just writing whatever you like without verifying the data or information.

Since you are not being paid with monetary value when you do free ezine articles, the “compensation” will be getting out of this is much more important- exposure. Getting the exposure you want may be slightly easy but making your potential clients returning is another. With this, you should always remember that the quality of your content is important for your client’s retention.  What you need to exude is professionalism by producing quality content that is interesting, informative, and accurate.


With the various pros of using free ezine articles, one might think that there is no disadvantage in using this.  This thinking can be fatal in writing free ezine article. With the vast topics available online, you must always try to be different from those contents. With this, you should be vigilant when writing your free ezine article as there might be a similar content that is already written.

Since you cannot control the topic that other writers will write, what you can control though is the information that you will include in your article. To do this, you need to research for the available contents for the topic you want for your free ezine articles. After which, find an angle that the other article has not yet covered and focus your content on that angle. This way you did not only write your free ezine article without duplicating what others did but also gave new information on the topic.

Keeping in mind the abovementioned advantage and disadvantage can give you the edge in creating ezine articles. Use these tips and in no time you will surely reap the fruits of writing free ezine articles.

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