boost your salesBoost your sales. It may be your everyday mantra since getting yourself involved in selling. You may have thought of different techniques to boost sales. The question is, have you reached your target? Did these methods boost your sales? If the answer is no, you better ask yourself why. While selling comes naturally to other people, this may not be the case for everyone. Perhaps you are not doing it right. The answer lies in being able to discover a formula that works for you, implementing it and sticking to it.

Many sellers commonly forget one important formula that has been there for years. It’s a four-way formula to boost your sales. It is otherwise known as “AIDA” technique. AIDA actually stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. When the key principles are implemented, there is no way why you won’t be able to boost sales.

The AIDA principle works whether you’re into direct selling or otherwise. It can boost sales through conversion of prospective customers into actual buyers.

How AIDA can boost your Sales

  1. Attention

To boost your sales, you need to attract the attention of your target audience. No matter how many sales letters you give away, people will not likely act on them if they are not interested. To spike the interest of your readers, make your headlines catchy. The headlines should be relevant to your readers’ needs and are something to ponder on. Remember that before anyone reads the body of your text, he will first determine if the headline contains something applicable to him.

The most important thing is for you to hold their attention past the scanning stage. Your opening salvo should contain something of benefit to your target readers. Examples of such headlines that will eventually boost sales are:  “The Secret to a Wealthy You, Revealed by Experts”; “How to Boost your Sales While Having Fun”; and “How to Succeed in your Enterprise without Breaking the Bank”.

From the examples, you will see that they evoke a feeling of zeal on the part of the readers to know more about the article.

  1. Interest

Once you get your prospective customers’ attention, develop their interest further. To boost your sales, present the benefits of availing your products and services. Make them see what they can gain out of trusting your company above others.

To boost sales, you must be able to convince them that they have everything to gain about transacting with you.  You must be able to confidently answer them once they pose the question, “What’s in it for me?”

  1. Desire

You got them interested, alright. What’s the next step to boost your sales? Make that interest transform into desire – desire to take what you offer.

Keep in mind that not all consumers buy for practical reasons. Some buy to satisfy emotional needs. Perhaps they wanted to appear more beautiful or attractive. Perhaps they think your product will elevate their status in society.

If you think your product does not appeal to them that way, don’t worry. You can still boost your sales. You can create desire by offering incentives, discounts and freebies to your prospective customers. This is in exchange for something trivial like answering a survey.

  1. Action

The last principle in the formula to boost your sales is Action. All the three principles done correctly would be futile if you do not ask your prospects to buy from you. Without this, you will not make a sale, much more, boost sales.

In your website, never forget the ‘Buy Now’ button or ‘Click Here to Order’ button. If you are selling face to face, go ahead and muster the courage to ask the question. As much as possible, make the buying experience seamless to boost sales. Offer a variety of ways to accept payments such as debit card, credit card, etc.

Boost your Sales in No Time

The time to boost your sales is now. Look at your selling techniques. Do they follow the four-way AIDA principle? If not, better overhaul your sales pitch and start adhering to this proven selling technique. Once you implement them correctly, you will fitness first-hand how you can boost your sales in no time at all.

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