fontsterFontster is an application for any windows system that’s 2000 or later, as long as Internet Explorer is installed. This application is an easy to use tool that comes as an HTML application. It allows users to display and preview all the fonts that are inside your computer. Once installed in your computer, it can be used for font viewing, customizing the preview text and changing the font size of your text.

Get Started with Fontster

If Fontster interests you, getting started with it isn’t even difficult. It is very user friendly and can be used by anyone of any age. To start using it, you simply have to follow a few steps.

  • Visit
  • Look below “Download Fontster Now”. There, you will see your options. You can either download the portable application or a zip archive file.
  • Choose what you want to download.
  • Run and launch the application.

Once you launch the application, Fontster’s interface will appear. On the left-hand pane, you will see a list of all the different types of fonts that’s installed in your computer. On the right-hand pane is the preview area. Here you will see how a font looks like. Where you can change the font size is located at the bottom of the interface. You can input here the desired size that you want your txt to be. Beside this function, you will also be able to see the exit button.

Using Fontster is a piece of cake as well.

  • Type in a sample text that you want to preview
  • Change the font size to your liking
  • Start clicking on different fonts to see it applied on your text

Isn’t it easy? Fontster allows its users to browse through all the fonts available in their computer. With font viewer tool, they are see how each font would look like to their sample text. It’s easy and free that lets you preview your PC fonts with comfort. If it has caught your attention and you want to learn more about Fontster, feel free to visit

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