facebookFacebook is gaining popularity worldwide as a social networking site. Catering to young people, Facebook allows its users to connect to one another. Users who belong to the same work place, college, or high school are grouped into one network. By belonging into the same network, they are able to contact with each other easily. Users can re-connect to others whom they have lost contact with. They also get to meet new people who belong to the same circle as theirs. It is way safer to allow only people of the same network to view each other’s profile. This is the edge of Facebook over other social networking sites.

A limitation of Facebook however is its lack of available information about the network or community. Although not much information is posted on the network or community site, users can see who the members are. In a way, this can help users decide whether to join the network or not.

What can Facebook Do?

Aside from allowing you to connect to people in your same network, Facebook allows you to do many other things. It is a great avenue for self-expression as users get to posts comments and share pictures with others. Facebook also provides its users hundreds of online games to play with. Users can compete with their friends or with other Facebook users who are not in their contact list. Popular games in Facebook include Candy Crush, Farmville, and Draw Something.

Facebook also allows users to create pages that can be used for absolutely anything – fan page, somewhere to post things users want to sell online, event page, etc. Users get to enjoy the wide range of freedom Facebook offers. And all these are for free.

Before you decide to enter the world of Facebook, examine if it is the right social networking site for you. Know what Facebook has to offer vis-à-vis those of other social networking sites. Consider too the social networking sites most of your friends have registered into. If most of your close friends have joined Facebook, then maybe you should too. Maintaining a Facebook account is free anyway.

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