ezine articles in clustersEzine articles in clusters or writing several articles at once for Ezine may seem like a difficult task. However, writing Ezine articles should not be difficult and should not discourage you from writing. Once you understand how they are written, they can be easily turned into a series. But before going through the details, you have to know what benefits it offers.

Ezine articles in clusters: Benefits

Here are some of the reasons why you should write Ezine articles in clusters:

  1. Writing Ezine articles saves time when you are researching your topic.
  2. When you write in clusters, it gives you space to develop a theme.
  3. You always have unique content for your website or blog if your choose to create Ezine articles in clusters.
  4. Writing gives you additional or spare write-ups to sell or submit to Ezines.

Tips when writing Ezine articles in clusters

Here’s what to keep in mind when you are writing an article to be published in Ezine.

  1. Keep the word count within the guidelines when writing Ezine articles in clusters. Usually, the acceptable word count is 500 – 800 words. If the article is longer than the allowed number of words, Ezines may not be able to publish your entire article. Meanwhile, if it is too short, there is a possible that your article won’t be taken seriously. Cluster writing is not about submitting abbreviated articles; instead full-length articles should be published.
  2. When writing a topic that you know fully well, you will constantly find yourself editing it to keep the word count within the required number of words. Instead of deleting what you’ve written, cut and paste the excess paragraphs into another document and save it into another file. That’s another way to make Ezine articles in clusters.
  3. Be focused. When you write, especially if you don’t make an outline, there is a tendency to wander off topic. At one point, you may be writing about how to tame a dog and then you suddenly remember the food that makes healthy dogs, and then the supplements and vitamins that you give your dogs. These topics make good Ezine articles in clusters, because they are connected subject matters although they are of different topics. What you can do is to cut and paste the unrelated ones and make new articles out of them.
  4. If you need to research a particular topic, you’ll surely find plenty of information online. Note about the topics that are not related to what you are writing. You can use them to write articles in clusters.

Writing in clusters, as you’ve read here, is not as difficult as you think. When writing Ezines, you only need to concentrate on one topic and then work from them. The topic for your Ezine articles in clusters may be familiar to you, in which case you don’t have to research about it compared to writing an unfamiliar topic. If it is a familiar topic, break down your article into the things that you want to say. There’s a tendency to wander off the topic when it is familiar to you. But instead of totally deleting the entire unrelated paragraph, turn it into another article. And that’s how you write Ezine articles in clusters.

On the other hand, if the Ezine article that you are writing requires further research, take note of the information that you came across with during your research. You can use these data to create Ezine articles.


Here’s the lesson when writing Ezine articles in clusters: never let your ideas or words go to waste. Cut and paste the unrelated subject to another document. Without knowing it, you have created more than three Ezine articles already.

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