ezine article writingEzine article writing offers great exposure and free publicity for you and your website. The biggest issue for people who reject ezine article, however, writing is the chance that they might not be able to fill up the article word count for many reasons. This, even if they are quite comfortable with the topic. A lot of would-be writers feel intimidated by the need to finish ezine article writing by filling it up with information that they may not know.

Ideal Ezine Article Writing

Ezine writing will probably dictate that you create articles that are around 500 to 700 words in length, and anything shorter than that may be rejected. This may be a big thing for some people, but if you breakdown the components of the article, it may seem less frightening. Most articles are divided into three: introduction, body, and conclusion. You can then subdivide your body into a few paragraphs. You can then just think of each paragraph as having 100 measly words as opposed to imagining yourself with the task ezine article writing with up to 500 words to fill up. Another tip is for you to think of any sub topics that you have in mind before writing. So that you have a general flow in mind.

Ezine Article Writing: A Sample

If we choose planting spring bulbs for ezine article writing, we can create a plan that will be similar to this: our introduction will include all of the more generic data that is available for spring flowers, such as the varieties and colours that are available. Our first body paragraph for ezine article writing may be about choosing appropriate spring bulbs, our second could be about how to take care of them, and the third body paragraph may be about the techniques you can use for planting them. Finally, you can end with a quick summary of everything you have been able to talk about.

Writer’s Block

If you face the issue of ezine article writing when the things you have to say have begun running out, there are a few ways to fill up the word count, simply make sure that you are adding things of value and not simply beating around the bush to make the whole ezine article writing more full than it is.

The first tip is probably to use sub headings and sub titles. In ezine writing, these sub headings can not only increase your word count, but it can make a more definite division between your subtopics, which can lead to a more organized article.

The second way to add a little more words while undergoing ezine article writing is to define all acronyms and initials. Again, this will only add a few words while ezine writing, but expanding the acronyms will give you a few extra words without looking like you simply added something to complete the required word count.

Finally, add a few quotations or research. It does not really matter what ezine article writing topic you are using, some articles can really be lengthened by adding a few quotes or statistics. They can really beef up your article while making sure that it seems informative and relevant. Just make sure that while ezine article writing, you place appropriate additions as opposed to things that are not connected to your topic.

Ezine writing does not have to be intimidating. All you have to do during ezine writing is to try and reach the word count by preparing a plan beforehand and using a few tips to help you out in case of writer’s block such as adding subtitles, expanding acronyms, and adding additional statistics.

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