engage your customerEngage your customer – something easy to do but is neglected by most business owners. At the top of your head you may be able to smoothly blurt out key features of your company. And like most other companies you believe that it is these features that will help sell what you have to offer to your customers and clients. On the contrary however, one thing above all will help your company more than any other, and that is to engage your customer.

It is an honestly easy mistake to interchange your company’s features for a customer’s benefits. One mistake that is most easy to make when you neglect to engage customers. It is important to remember that customers and clients are not interested plainly in what you can do – but in what you can do for them.

Why is it beneficial to engage customers?

So many people use their features for advertising that they all end up sounding alike. But not effectively sounding viable to potential clientele. Being conscious about web content to engage your customers more will help you stand out. It will also eliminate competitors by reaching out directly to you customers and showing them that you have what they need.

What does talking benefits mean?

Companies create websites to advertise to an online audience. And while this is an effective tool for increasing sales and gathering business leads, you must remember to advertise effectively to get the results you intend. This is why you should engage your customer when writing content for your websites.

When you engage customers, you think about what the company can do in service to them. It is not simply what your company can do. These are two completely different things. While most companies would have things like “we offer load-balanced server clusters” on their websites, try writing “absolutely no web-traffic for complete ease of access” or “superior uptime and performance”. Writing like this could not only boost your online viability, but will also increase chances of more potential customers coming to look for your services.

Engage your customers – how to do it right?

To engage customers in how you advertise, you could first look into what your target customer population looks for in particular. Then match it to what your company provides, and come up with a clean and comprehensive list on the benefits your company has to offer your customers.

To give you an idea, here are the three most popular methods of gathering data on viable customer benefits:

  1. Customer research

You can engage your customer through the customer research method. This includes media like email enquiries, surveys, and if your customers might have the luxury of time, maybe you could ask them for a quick interview – just to get an idea on what they enjoy about your company’s service. This is a way to directly engage your customers and find out first-hand what they need.

Also remember to make it worth their while, give customer respondents freebies or discounts for participating – this adds to your overall customer relation points as well!

  1. Speak to your sales team

Do you want to engage your customer in your advertisements but are running on a tight budget? Go for the next best thing to do to engage customers is to talk to your sales team. Since customer relations is their focus day in and day out, they will know most about what customers like and what customers go looking for. This allows you a way to indirectly engage your customer. Incorporating data like this into your website and your advertisements will prove to be beneficial to your company.

And while it is important to sell what you offer, it is more important to be honest with your customers. Always put your company’s credibility above advertising. Overly building-up the truth will do more damage than help you company’s customer relations.

  1. Make your product saleable to multiple audiences

If you don’t have the time or the resources for research or don’t have a sales team, you can still engage your customers and make your product saleable to different audiences and not only to end-user audiences. Managers and CEO’s usually purchase in bulk orders or usually intend to spend more so make it a point to appeal to them as well. Terms like Return on Investment (ROI) and risk management will be sure to catch their attention.

Keep jargon to a minimal – remember, the goal is to engage your customers, not blow them away with technical terms.

There are tons of other ways to engage customers when advertising. All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of interest in your clientele. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your audience’s taste, writing content for your company’s website will come to you naturally.

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