1. FriendWise is a social networking website.friendwise

    It is just like MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, and Yahoo! 360, among many others. Many social networking sites are gaining more and more popular today. In fact, most people who go online maintain at least one social networking account. They use their account to reconnect with their old friends or meet new ones.

  2. FriendWise is free to use. No need to pay for maintaining your account.

    All you need to do is sign-up.

  3. The goal of FriendWise is to create a venue for its members to come together.

    FriendWise aims to create as many meaningful friendships as it can. It wants to help people meet those who share the same interest as theirs. It aims to build a community.

  4. Signing up with FriendWise allows you to create your own profile page.

    This is where you post key information about you – what you want people to know. You can make a list of movies, which you have enjoyed watching. You can include there your favorite leisure activity – whether you are into sports or cooking or writing. You can post what your passions are, as well as the things that tick you off.

  5. Your FriendWise profile page can be viewed by anyone who has an Internet connection.

    But, only those who maintain FriendWise accounts can contact you.

  6. FriendWise offers online message forums which host a variety of interesting topics.

    As a FriendWise member, you get to participate in these forums. You can express yourself, share your views, and learn from other members. Usual topics of online forums include school, music, sex, and relationships.

  7. FriendWise makes sure that its members do not get bored with the site.

    It offers quizzes, battles, and online polls to make the site more entertaining. As a FriendWise member, there are two things that you can do. First, you get to participate and answer the polls and quizzes. And second, you can create your own polls and quizzes for other members to answer. How cool is that?

  8. You can learn more about FriendWise by visiting its website at www.friendwise.com.

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