effective headlinesEffective headlines
are the ultimate weapon of successful businessmen. Don’t believe me? Well, you might still be stuck with the idea that successful entrepreneurs are successful only because they know something that you don’t know.

The real secret is that successful entrepreneurs know how to write effective headlines. Specifically, they test their advertising campaigns –how good their headlines are—before they spend a lot of money on newsletters and e-zine ads.

So before you go on wasting money on your next marketing stint, make sure that you’re using effective headlines.

What are E-zine Ads?

Before we go on the 8 steps, let’s define what e-zine ads are. E-zine ads are an effective form of advertising on the internet today. It’s extremely effective because they can advertise directly to your target groups or customers.

But again, even e-zine ads won’t work if your copy doesn’t have effective headlines. You need to write headlines which can highlight your company’s benefits, offers, and whatever else will sell.

Writing Effective Headlines

Writing headlines can be daunting at first, but if you pull it down to 8 easy steps, you’ll find yourself with a successful advertising campaign in no time.

#1. Identify your assets.

The number one thing you need to do is to figure out what the benefits of your products are. This is what appeals to your target group. You can do this by brainstorming.

An example would be for an e-book on dog training. The clear benefit of your product could be that even first time dog owners can understand the content. Emphasize that in your effective headlines.

#2. Transform your assets into headlines.

It’s not as direct as just rewording your assets. Make ten different headlines to choose from, and then pick the best one.

So with the early example, you can go with a headline and subheader that says, “Training Your Dog: A Step-By-Step Guide for a Quick and Easy Dog Routine”. Notice that you include the quick and easy part, since those are your assets.

#3. Develop your copy.

Now that you have your effective headlines down, you also have to work on the content of your ad copy. Make 2-3 versions. And with each one, focus on one or two essential benefits or values.

Each version should incite your reader to be curios or excited enough to click on your link.

#4. Track responses to your ad.

You need to know which of your effective headlines and revised ad copies are successful. So you can track the links that lead to your sales letter. Check in each e-zine you submit your ad to.

To do this, you can use the services http://www.hyperlinktracker.com/ and http://www.linkcounter.com/ for free.

#5. Use your effective headlines in many places.

Spread your effective headlines. Use the same headline for many free e-zine ad submissions. Put it up, or at least submit it, to at least 10 e-zines.

Many free and well-established e-zines will even give you free subscriber ads if you join their mailing list. Publications with at least 1000 subscribers would make for a decent test of your ad.

#6. Look for successful e-zines.

You want to maximize the impact of your effective headlines. So go to e-zines which have the most number of clicks. Send them 10 different headlines in the next issue. Or send the same ad copy to all of these e-zines as well.

#7. Order Top Sponsor Ads and Solos.

When you reach the point where you know which effective headlines, ads, and e-zines work, start going over to paid forms. It’s your best shot at a high-yield advertising campaign. Go for e-zines which have very high circulation, at more than 10000 subscribers.

#8. And lastly –test, test and test!

The point of all effective headlines and ads is to get you sales. If you begin to see that you have an acceptable amount of clicks but little sales that might be telling you something. Maybe your headlines garner interest, but the body of your ad doesn’t. Or maybe you need a price change.


Whatever it is, keep looking for ways to improve your material. From effective headlines to the right e-zines, your effort will put you ahead of the advertising game.

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