the write ideaThe write idea, used in this article as a substitute for the ‘right’ idea, is not always easy to come by. Most writers and bloggers experience the so-called writer’s block. This condition prevents any writer from getting the write idea. It is a condition where one is unable to think on what to write and how to write it. Writer’s block affects any writers whether experienced or newbies.

What shall you do to get you inspired daily? How will you get the write idea every time you hold the pen? Here are some tips to help your brain and keep the writer junkie in you inspired and satisfied.

Get the write idea by creating a ritual

No, this ritual does not involve candles and chants. Ritual, in this situation, refers to the routinely activities you will do day in and day out. To make sure you get the write idea, you should know when, where, and how the idea comes to you. Make a habit to keep yourself inspired, and you will definitely get the idea. For example, before you get to your desk or writing nook, make a cup of coffee, have a walk in the garden, take a picture of the sunshine and post it on Instagram, and play the same Adele album you always love. Have a ritual that sets your mood to writing the write idea.

Take a walk to get the write idea

Again, the key here is to inspire yourself. A lot of writers work from home. They prefer to slouch in the couch with a pen and paper or laptop at hand. Once they are all set, writer’s block or sleepiness comes in. Contrary to popular belief, working from home is not as productive as it seems. To get the write idea, you have to get your lazy body out of the house and into the neighborhood. If you have a dog, take it out for a walk. Get dressed, walk around the block, and grab a cup of coffee from a nearby café on your way back home. Do not forget to have a little chat with the neighbors. Who knows you might get the write idea from their stories.

Get the write idea while travelling

Whether it is your neighborhood coffee shop or a sunset at the beach, every writer has a writing nook outside the walls of his home. This writing nook is a go-to place, an idea starter, and an inspiration. When you feel like writer’s block is kicking in, never hesitate to travel to the most inspiring place on Earth for you to get the write idea. Writing in these places will make you more productive, and give you an opportunity to finally finish that book you have been dying to put an end to.

Bring your keywords on the go to get the write idea

Look at your outline. You certainly got a few words and phrases written in it to guide you in writing each chapter of your work. Oftentimes, while you are driving or waiting in a queue, you get the write idea that is perfect for your articles. When you get home to jot the idea down, it is lost. Never lose an idea again. Always bring a set of keywords and pen and paper with you. You can also use apps to jot the idea down.

Exhaust your writing mood to get the write idea

You will find your writing mood at peak at certain times of the day. Use this time to grab the write idea. Write as much as you can, as long as you can while you are in the mood. You might even finish a few chapters in just 3 hours.

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