business cardsBusiness cards, as its name implies, are pieces of paper that contain the formal information of an individual and his company. They are often on hand and shared during meetings, formal gatherings, to serve as an introduction and visual aid for the memory. Business cards used to simply contain just the name, address and contact details of the person. But now as they have evolved, they now contain email addresses, websites, and even until social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The evolution of the digital world has made business cards still a viable asset to individuals. Printing has now become more high quality, and the visual design, templates and layouts have also leveled up to become more striking and unique. So if you ask whether there is still a place in this world for biz cards, I think there still definitely is.

Are business cards important?

One could argue that business cards, the physical ones, have actually lost their significance when the digital era came in. People used to rely them for contact information and they would store their collection in a rolodex. Nowadays no one makes use of a rolodex and one could easily get one’s contact details just by searching online. It would take less than a few seconds as compared with taking out a physical collection and checking them one by one. So based on this scenario, these cards might be losing their importance then.

Are business cards dying?

But this is not to suffice that they are actually dying. Business cards have actually found their own way to survive but in other forms. Now, there are cards that are in CD-ROM formats that do not only bear one’s contact details, but even contain other pertinent details and overview of the company as well. It may be in simple text format, in PDF, or for more visual appeal there are those that even feature animations and other interactive commands.

How have business cards evolved?

There are also digital business cards these days that instead of handing out to the receiver, one can just send them wirelessly via digital devices. With the technological advancements, it is also much easier for one to update one’s contacts list automatically via email software.

What’s in store for business cards in the future?

Business cards have definitely found a way to stay and looks like will still be there until the future. People have managed to make good use of technology to make them still viable. It is exciting to see what else is in store for business cards in future, whether they become holographic, or they might even possibly contain microchips that already consist of bank details, product lists, etc. One thing is for sure, these cards are here to stay.

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