direct salesDirect sales is one of the best ways of managing your own business. I’m a homemaker and there are a million things I take care of everyday. Direct selling is a great source of income that suits my busy lifestyle.

There are some entrepreneurs who think of diversifying as a good business plan. This can be true to some extent but it does not apply to direct sales. When you commit yourself, be sure that you have no other conflicting enterprises.


You must not lose your focus if you go into it. The secret to succeeding here is keeping your attention to brands that belong to the same company. Examples of these are Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Lia Sophia. These are reputable brands have been around for so long.

People who are into direct sales have this usual tendency to branch off to other “complimentary” businesses. Creating a gourmet food company seems like a good idea while selling Pampered Chef items. However inviting this prospect may be, this is still not a good idea.

The strength of direct sales is that it is already a prepackaged business. You do not have to worry about the sales plan and promotional materials. The company has designed a specific system for this to be effective. Entrepreneurs who are into direct sales are not supposed to mingle one business on top of the other. Pairing with other things would make it counter-productive and ineffective. You might fall into the trap of sending mixed messages to your clients. Just commit to direct sales and you’re good to go.

Conversely, this is not to say that diversification is a total impossibility. You can diversify by offering different kinds of products and services.

The deal with direct sales and diversifying

If you are a home-based crafter, you can showcase a variety of items that people will love at craft shows. If you are an Internet marketer, you can put up several websites with different topics and interests. Having this will secure your affiliate income to be stable despite particular market changes.

Tishia Lee’s story is a good case example. Tishia is a single mother who lives nearby my place. Recently, she has decided to leave her low-paying job for another opportunity. She launched her own home-based business called “Tishia Saves Time” (

Tishia Saves Time is a two-faceted business. Internet marketers can tap her as Virtual Assistant (VA) service provider. As a VA, she manages administrative tasks according to the specifications of a particular client. Some of these include Internet researching, website updating, answering client e-mails and inquiries, among others.

The second facet of her business is what she does offline. When she’s not in her keyboard, she does personal errands for her local clients. On some days, she picks up the dry cleaning and on other occasions, she can also do the groceries. There are times when you just have a lot of things going on and cannot find the time to clean the kitchen. Tishia can step in and help you. As to how she’s compensated, she said that she charges her clients per hour plus mileage. This is an example of how a twofold business goes well together. This model is in contrast to direct sales.

Common ground

These are two options you can think about. Different as they may be, there are still common denominators. You can manage your time better with either it or a diversified business. You don’t work for a single employer so you are your own boss. If you’re a stay at home mom, you can spend more time with your family.

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