social networking siteSocial networking site ise now the hottest hang-out place of people. It is where people get the chance to meet friends and connect with the rest of the world. As the word describes, most of the sites are mainly created for the interaction of friend and building of social connection. But is there a way that these social networking sites are also used for business venture? There is. is the newest social network site that offers its members to expand their social and business networks by having the best feature for such ventures. Likewise, it also allows its members to do personal and business transactions through its different features depending on its members’ needs.

A Social Networking Site Fit for your Needs

  1. Search feature

Similar with other social networking sites, also has its own search feature that permits people to meet people depending on their preference. However, what makes this site much better than the rest is that users can be specific on the type of people they want to be friends with. The search feature of does not only limits its members’ search between woman or man but also gives its members options to choose the sex, location, religion, occupation, and relationship status of people. You could also choose if you want to search for profiles that have picture in its page.

  1. Customized Profile Page

Similar to most social networking sites, membership to is free and easy. Just follow the instructions given and enter the information that will be vital in your quest to expand your networks and find friends.

Since privacy has been a great concern for some, this social networking site also allows its members to change their privacy setting. With this, they can allow who can view their profile.

However, what makes it is that it allows its members to customize their profile according to their preference. Hence, members can design the look of their profile depending on their mood or according to their liking. Of course, there are certain rules that must be followed when it comes to propriety but all else, members are given freedom to do whatever they want with their profile.

  1. Opportunity for business

Aside from expanding the member’s social network, also is a great way to expand a member’s business. Unlike in other social networking sites, allows and even encourages interaction by business-minded people by having forums and groups specific to different business ventures. This site also allows promotion of its members’ businesses in the site which is a no-no in other sites.

What is also great about this social networking site is that it aid in the progress of businesses by allowing forums where members can post topics, inquiries, or announcement that is beneficial in the success of a business venture.

Overall, it is not merely a social networking site but a business site as well as gives its members all the access to increase their business contacts as well as promote business.

  1. Free SMS for members

Another great feature of is its FREE SMS feature which is unique in a social networking site that not even the most popular ones have. This truly unique feature will help its members to connect with their friends, family, and business associates; making it more than just an ordinary site but can now be considered as a communication medium.

Truly with the features like the above, for all social networking and business networking needs, DesiMySpace is the right place!

So what are you waiting for? Join now and enjoy the perks of this social networking site.

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