selling mythsSelling myths have been in existence ever since online selling became the latest trend in business operations. These myths were circulated in various blogs and forums and being passed on as “advice” to neophytes. With so much selling myths going around the World Wide Web, I guess it’s high time for it to be reviewed and studied.

Selling Myths Exposed

The following are some online myths that I gathered from various sources:

1. The more online selling avenues, the better.

While the adage “the more, the merrier” can be applied in various things, this should not be adapted in online selling especially if you are still starting. Having several avenues like website, auto responder, classified ad, articles, etc. is tempting; however, it is prudent to focus in one avenue at a time before adding another. With only one avenue to concentrate on, you can be sure of quality of products you can create.

2. Spend well on advertisements.

Placing advertisements for your online selling business is important for your products to be known. Since you are still starting, it will be wise to be conservative in spending for advertisements. Broaden and try to experiment for ads that will be most effective for your business.

3. Criticisms are detrimental to your business.

Since you cannot please everyone, you should expect to receive flak from other marketers. You must not take it personally. Just state your side respectfully and use their opinions to your advantage; anyway, they are providing you with “free” publicity.

4. Perpetually, customer is always right.

One of the most common selling myths, this is not only limited in online business has been rebuked in many occasions. While the customers’ preference must be considered at all time, this however excludes rude customers that would not pay in time or would not pay at all.  The following are the things you could do for such customers:

a. To ensure yourself, always state in your agreement the interest rates and penalties if payment is not received within 30 days of completion;

b. Send demand letters to these customers .You could send three letters- one if the payment is ten days late, another after twenty days, and the last if payment is 45 days late, warning them that you will now resort to legal actions if payment is still ignored; and

c. Lastly, the best way to protect yourself from these customers is to take payment thru credit cards. Billing can be done depending on your agreement with your customers.

d. You could use whatever information as you pleases.

While we are in the age where information is just a click away; there are still rules you need to follow. And one of these unspoken rules is always credit your sources. That being the case, you can use this article in your website provided that it stays unchanged. Also make sure that the links in the resource box is live and search-engine friendly. Please save yourself time and effort, stealing from someone else’s work is not worth it.

I hope the above will help you in identifying what you should believe in. Remember, to be discerning and wise on what people might tell you as they might be selling myths.

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