customer testimonialsCustomer testimonials are what fuels an undiscovered method to market a product. They provide potential clients the assurance they want once they availed your product. Once a visitor drops by to a site, it is the content articles that would make him stay. On the other hand, it is the convincing testimonials from customers that would persuade him to purchase a product or service.

The use of customer testimonials might be a new development. But you should never second-guess its potency. Nowadays, people are becoming more keen and strict. Especially when it comes to availing products. They would not buy it unless a credible friend refers it. They do not want a service brand that has not yet proven itself to its customers. As a responsible marketer and business owner, you need to present to them outstanding customer testimonials they are looking for.

So gear up your shoes. Start gathering the best testimonials from your previous clients. These will serve as a living proof that your product has made a satisfying and excellent impact on your customers’ life. Outshine other competitors. Use the customer testimonial method wisely and with all honesty.

Why Customer Testimonials Matter

To encourage you, here are some benefits that testimonials from customers can bring you:

  • Customer testimonials can please thousands of your target buyers.

The market is not only a sanctuary for businesspersons. Not for marketers. Not for customers. It has also been a hub for con artists and faux pas firms. They turn the market into a frightening place. In this terror, you can use credible customer testimonials to calm their nerves. You need to make them trust your product. One satisfying customer testimonial can bring a lasting aura of security to your target market.

  • It can assure quality and good standard.

Single-paragraph customer testimonials can speak thousands of words. It can echo security and assurance. It reflects even the quality of product. Testimonials of satisfied customers create a set of proofs. That is, you are selling high-quality and compelling products. They are enough to convince doubting customers to start purchasing.

  • It gives you an edge.

Many companies are offering the same product that you have so you need to stand out.  Testimonials set you miles ahead of your market rivals. Moreover, no propaganda or publicity can destroy a business fenced securely by credible testimonials.

To start with this method, be informed that there are different types of a customer testimonial. They are usually categorized according to the source.

1.       From satisfied customer.

Nothing could ever compare with the testimonials given by satisfied customers. Once and for all, they are your target. You have successfully implanted your product into their hearts. They prove your product or service’s quality as well as usability.

2.       From experts.

Testimonials from experts are convincing. They are credible to deliver statements of satisfaction. They can clearly evaluate the effectiveness and good use of your product from all angles. If scientists and renowned dentists support your teeth-strengthening product, you would boost sales.

3.       From celebrities.

Celebrities have the most power to convince. They utilize screen, online, and print media efficiently. That is why most companies invest in celebrities to market the product. Your business might have a number of followers. But a famous celebrity has three times the network you have.

What’s even greater is that some testimonials of celebrities would not cost a grand expense. Are they exuberantly happy and satisfied with the service they got? If yes, they might give testimonials free.

Always remember that excellent testimonials are those compressed in few but enticing words. Testimonials need to be catchy. They must capture customers. Visual appeal is equally important. However, you must not edit or rephrase the original testimonial. It might exaggerate or diminish the essence of resources’ statements.

So how do you archive good customer testimonials?

  1. Remember that only high-quality and amazing products deserve testimonials. Make sure that your product is truly exceptional. Otherwise, you will be orchestrating a series of false testimonials.
  2. Communicate with your customers. Ask their help in gathering enough testimonials you need. If they are satisfied, then they are willing to participate.
  3.  Take time to interview legitimate customers. Ask them what they like most about your product. Ask how did it help them achieve a better lifestyle.
  4. Ask them if they are willing to submit a written testimonial. Either that or offer them to write the testimonials yourself based on their responses. Make sure they approve your wordings before publishing them.
  5. Record the testimonials as they permit. Video testimonials are better. Potential clients see the true satisfaction on your previous customers face.
  6. Choose the best customer testimonials that can really drive people into buying your product. Choose ordinary testimonials that speak only a few good words about your product. Maximize the use of your testimonial page.

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