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Bright Ideas to Keep your Blogs Updated

Are you running out of thoughts for your blogs? Is it getting harder for you to come up with fresh ideas? Try to read and follow these techniques in this article and you will be writing productively.

  1. Stay informed. Subscribe to RSS (Rich Site Summary) by getting the latest contents from websites you are interested in. Read the feeds every day and choose some blogs for detailed reading. After reading, categorize them using your own principles. Categorizing the blog posts differently helps to find them quickly. You can have access to your copy from any device that is connected to the Internet by using Google’s RSS reader for your RSS feeds.
  2. Read magazines regularly. After reading and blog, take note of the key points in a Google note. You will surely get access to these notes all over the world.
  3. Always bring PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) wherever you go. PDA can be your cell phone or a palmtop computer. You can use this gadget alone organization, documentation, content generation and communication needs.
  4. Capture all interesting events, events, people and places you come across everyday. You may also record all your ideas once it hits you. Practice transferring these ideas from your PDA to Google notes and use Flicker in uploading your photos.
  5. Don’t forget to read all posted comments on the online copies you regularly read. Document interesting ideas, advantages and disadvantages of an issue and opinions by others in your Google notes. Influence the insight of the readers.
  6. Go out with your colleagues even once a week. Share ideas under any topic. Merge all your ideas to create new thoughts in your own topic.
  7. Make use of your “alone” time like while you’re watching movies, driving, or exercising. Thinks about your preferred subjects and try to connect it to things you observe on the TV, road or while in the gym. When you come up with an idea, use your PDA to record it.
  8. Give new twists to your from all your recorded articles in Google notes and RSS readers. Merge two or more thoughts, change, or improve a current idea to come up with your personal topic.
  9. Use different online tools like Digg or Delicious for writing motivation. Every hour hundreds of new blogs and stories are posted on these websites.  
  10. Choose any issue from the online tools and write down all advantages and disadvantages. With this, you will be able to write a new blog supporting a pro-con method on your end.
  11. Draw and illustrate. Use a spreadsheet, photos and search for data patterns. Give your own interpretation to the data and present it with your graphs and charts.
  12.  Use advanced keyword selector to produce topics for your article. Copy few keywords and use it to generate new ideas.
  13.  Practice to be resourceful. Construct new ideas using existing materials, provide guide and give benefits of practicing old thoughts.

Sharing your own experience can inspire people who have same interests as yours. Blogs can also help you earn money by adding advertisements to your websites from other sites.

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