core competenciesCore competencies are things that every person needs to improve and be better at what they do. They play a vital role in our lives because they affect our performance, our passion and determination. If you haven’t found your core competencies, here are things you must know.

Finding your core competencies through these easy tips

  1. Is what you’re doing a mere ingredient to your sales mix or an essential component?

In finding your competencies you have to figure out what is important in the daily activities that you do. List 10 practices or things you do that you consider as your sales day. Make sure that these tasks are what you consider as important in your sales process.

To determine your core competencies look at the list and ask yourself if they are important to your sales mission.

Do you see what your competencies are? Just think about professional athletes like a basketball player or a golfer. What is a basketball player without his core competencies such as passing, dribbling and shooting? What is a golfer without his competencies of golf swinging, tee-off and putting stroke?

If your sales mission is important to you, you must understand that it is equally important to look at where your competencies lie in the mission. Core competencies aren’t just vital skills you must have. They are elements needed to be improved to fully succeed in any endeavor.

  1. Is it capable of being measured accurately and routinely?

Competencies are determinable. They can be closely identified with that of performance and the corresponding results.

So ask yourself if your core competencies are determinable and figure out how they can be measured. Can you use a ruler or a calculator to figure it out? Can you evaluate the sales of your business through it?

Can you transcribe competencies to a universal performance benchmark that allows you to understand if your revenue goals are met?

  1. Core competencies are already achieved if you can tell the potential of a sales recruit.

Can you tell a good sales recruit from an interview alone? If so, chances are you already found your competencies. To understand what I mean, let’s take a look at the key performance indicators in your sales process.

One key performance indicator is the frequency of the advances to the next face of first sales. It can also be the times you gained a new customer or the times you gain revenue from that same customer. This is important because that key performance indicator determines your core competencies in the sales process. It gives you details in your sale cycles and allows you to focus and make rooms for improvement.

There are a lot more key performance indicators that you must determine. After being able to account for all of them, you will be able t see for yourself how your performance is. This will then enable you to communicate with your team the right things to do to successfully reach your quota.

Your key performance indicators also allows you to develop training systems and processes that are routinely, effective, and efficient.

  1. Is it operationally determinable?

Are your core competencies capable of being compared to competitors and similar businesses? If you have great competencies, your operational effectiveness should rank high amongst your competitors.

  1. Do you have powerful routines and timely practices that will strengthen core competencies?

Timely training and powerful routines are important in effectively improving competencies. It is not only training that is important but timely training. Learn when practice is essential and do not simply train only when it is already deemed necessary. You must be able to measure results and see if it is capable of improvement.

The same goes for your routines. In sales, or operations, routine is important. It provides direction and stability in doing the task at hand. It makes your company more efficient. Core competencies determine the overall success of every operation, sales or marketing cycle. If your core competency does not revolve around powerful routines, your profits cannot constantly move upward.

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