copywriting makeoverCopywriting makeover is a difficult thing to do. When doing a makeover, how do you make people notice your work? How do you get them excited with what you are offering?

In selling anything in the market, a successful makeover involves finding the trigger. These are words that will get your readers or customers moving and taking action.

In the case of one of my clients, a weather forecast site, the owner himself was not sure how he could increase his site visitors. He was experiencing problems with finding the right words. The right SEO copywriting makeover that will spur in visitors to his site. In this case, he needed a professional makeover done to his site. This is to change his content and making more inviting to the visitors.

Copywriting Makeover: The Solution in Determining the Powerful Trigger

While studying my client’s audience, I was able to find that there are three types of customers that go to his site. They stuck with the site because they were interested in having reliable weather forecasts possible.

Doing the copywriting makeover, I saw that one group of customers were meteorologists. They were interested in the website because they wanted to make sure they were providing the right forecast of their viewers and listeners. Another group was composed of weather risk managers. These people are professionals in the business world. They use the website’s weather forecast and other aspects to determine more accurately the weather for industries they are working for. Such as the stock exchange, construction, national defense, transportation and others. The last group I found while doing my copywriting makeover was a group of coaches. These persons are interested in sports or has work related to sports. It requires determining the weather in order to see if the weather is good for their games.

Looking on the segments of customers, as a professional required to do the copywriting makeover, I was able to find the trigger. And that is from the group of meteorologists and weather-risk managers. They are the best persons to trigger the influx of visitors. Weather forecasts are important to them. They’re jobs are on the line if they do not do a good job.

So in doing my copywriting makeover, I decided to put up a headline that will surely trigger their interest. The line was “Because Your Name Depends on How Accurate You Are about the Weather”.

That headline helped my client a lot. It was the copywriting makeover he needed to put his website back on track. I caught the attention of the professionals like I planned to. It went great. My client and I decided to use a key phrase that we will use to spread the copy or make the copy flow with his SEO protocol.

Copywriting Makeover: Using the Trigger to Your Advantage

Through this copywriting makeover, we turned his dull website. We gave him ranking by creating key phrases to optimize the makeover I made to increase his exposure.

After finding the trigger, the next important thing is to use it to your advantage as much as you can. I made sure that even as I write my opening paragraph for the copywriting makeover, I’ve already caught the attention of the weather professionals. I did this by recognizing them with much praise and appreciation. I also used our key phrases while doing so.

I also made sure that the words “weather” and “risk manager” were mentioned in some instances for full search engine optimization.

The next step I took was to put a good overview for the website. I kept using the key phrase for the headline and in the paragraph as subtle as I can. I did not want to make it appear that I intend to optimize the search.

I also made use of the types of customers I gathered from the copywriting makeover. I made them their own boxes or links. These allowed them to go through the internal links of the website. Each box was sure to provide visitors with the most relevant information.

Copywriting Makeover Results

I’ve always enjoyed reading my own client’s testimonial regarding the results. Here’s what my client has to say about the makeover:

“Traffic has not only been constant but it also continued to increase. Because of the SEO copywriting makeover, my ranking increased and the key phrases helped me put my website at the top 5 position. This makeover not only helped me reach the current views I’m having, but also helped me improve on my approach on marketing my website.”

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