copywriting lessonCopywriting lesson from a world-renowned children’s book must be quiet unexpected. However, that is not the case for the writing legend Theodore Seuss Giesel. Mr. Giesel is a writer, illustrator and also a physicist who dedicated his life into formulating successful children’s stories. He was also a political cartoonist that has contributed a lot in the society. And more importantly, he is the man behind the marvelous stories and adventures of Dr.Seuss.

For almost 50 years, Dr. Seuss has been entertaining both young and old audiences with his masterpieces. Some of his famous books are The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, Hop on Pop, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. After years of silence, here comes Dr. Seuss with a copywriting lesson that could help mold proficient Internet writers and marketers.

You must be wondering how a copywriting lesson would lie between the pages of a book. Even more surprising is that it can be found in a children’s bookshelf.

Dr. Seuss and his Copywriting Lesson and Tips

Here are some learning that comprise the greatest copywriting lesson that Dr. Seuss left his beloved readers.

  • Magnificent noun-verb combinations

Noun-verb combinations are what make sentence constructions fluid and unparalleled. Their efficiency keeps the reader moving on the path of the text. It gives the storyline, the plot, the twist, and the perfect ending of your textual output. Adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions altogether play a different part. It makes the text longer and slower. On the other hand, noun-verb combinations make everything easier to read and comprehend. Just like what Dr. Seuss’ sentences have and do. They carry the other loads and push the readers to reach the end of the track.

  • A pocketful of periods

Another copywriting lesson that Dr. Seuss imparted is to use many periods in constructing your text. Substitute endless commas with a train of periods. It means you need to make your sentences shorter and easy to understand. Normally, long sentences are strenuous to read and digest. You might be getting the first few parts but you will eventually get lost in the middle till the end. As a result, you have to reread everything again. Reading long statements will be enormously time-consuming. You need to consider that not everyone has the luxury to use longer minutes to read a text.

  • Wide imagination

Dr. Seuss also taught writers that imagination can take people to wonderful places.  Imagination can get you from normal and into the magnificence of great success. It is where concepts and ideas begin to bloom. Without a wide imagination, you would not be able to execute your desired textual output.

  • Let your text shout fun

Readers often avoid a text simply because it is no fun. Things might be interesting but the presentation can be dull. Accordingly, Dr. Seuss wants to tell you to pour fun to the text you are writing. Nothing can attract more readers better than entertaining texts. With the right kind of fun, you do not need to impose to your public to read your creation. Put fun and you will surely win your audience’s heart.

  • Be lyrical

You do not have to write in verses just to make your text lyrical. Being lyrical goes for different styles and techniques. You do not have to follow the lyrical pattern that Dr. Seuss made. Make your sentence in tune just like a line in a song. It should not be annoying to read and to be repeated.

  • Turn to be economical

Dr. Seuss convict people that every word counts. You should not waste precious pages for unnecessary twists. Remember that humans have short attention spans. Decide to hit them directly to capture their attention for a long time.

  • Make a memorable adventure

Besides profit, this should be the purpose of your copy. Readers should fin the text a worthwhile adventure that deserves their investment.

The copywriting lesson Dr.Seuss imparted only supported the previous reasons why his works are some the most widely read masterpieces around the globe. His popularity is justified by the subtleties that he exhibited in his books. A copywriting lesson must be uncalled for but deemed to be effective and unimaginably useful.

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