copywriting checklistCopywriting checklist is a vital tool in navigating the highways of copywriting. It acts as a compass. It directs you to the right path which you must take. Essentially, a checklist safely delivers you to the preference of a customer. It gives you an edge. It leads you miles ahead from your market rivals.

Without a copywriting checklist, you can be lost in the sea of copywriting strategies and techniques. You end up not comprehending how they must be applied in your personal copy. Unfortunately, many copywriters often ignore the importance of a copywriting checklist. They thread the path of advertising. They eventually lose their way. That’s because they forget to rely on their checklist.

What are the Major Components of your Copywriting Checklist?

1.       Headline

It is the opening salvo in your checklist. Headline is the statement that gives the readers a hint on your theme. It captures interest. It hooks them to your copy. Therefore, you need to formulate this part in your copywriting checklist as enticing and catchy as possible. Internet surfers move in a quick pace. You only have a matter of second to compel them through your headline.

2.       Introduction

This becomes the appetizer to the main course. Capture their attention using your headline. It is now the task of the introductory copy to motivate readers.

3.       Statement of benefits

Other major ingredients of your copywriting checklist are benefits and advantages. Nothing is more attractive than a product. A product with voluptuous benefits and amazing features. Tell them how your product can give solutions to their problems. Highlight how  it can improve a person’s way of life.

4.       Include a call for definite action in your copywriting checklist

You do not publish a copy because of vain reasons. Your copy must not go before a crowd without leaving a lingering note. They must do an immediate action relative to it. Usually, the expected action will be for customers to buy the advertised product. Another desired result is for potential clients to subscribe in the website. They could sign up for newsletters. They can do so until they are pleased enough to buy.

5.       Security and assurance must be reflected in your copywriting checklist

Remember that customers are often indecisive and meticulous. They have their own checklist. This must be met first before they make a purchase. First, you need to show your actual picture. Together with your contact information, then they will trust you. You also need a copy of your permit. You can show your membership from legal business institutions. This may show that you are legitimate to do the job. A logo is also vital. With this, you can secure the customers of your trustworthiness and credibility.

If copywriting serves as a form of art, then a copywriting checklist is your oil paint. As the paint continues to color the canvass under your manipulation, the painting eventually comes to life. This happens until it is now overflowing with worth and value.  The same happens as your copy drives more and more potential clients into the benefits and advantages of your business.

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