deciding to redesignDeciding to redesign your website? Are you absolutely positively sure? Before you do, remember all the effort, time, cost you put through when you were originally designing your site. Now are you ready to go through all that again? Deciding to redesign must take a lot of time in the decision-making. This might lead to an overhaul of your website, and are you sure you are ready for that? As a website owner or manager, deciding when to do so might have crossed your mind a dozen of times already. Here are some tips to help you in deciding to redesign your site.

Points to Consider when deciding to redesign

1. What is your main reason?

When deciding, examine first your main motives for wanting to do so. When your main reason is just because you wanted to, then maybe it is not yet the right time for you to do so. Remember, in deciding to redesign, the particular purpose is very critical. If you are not yet sure if you would like to do a total makeover of your site, then do not proceed it with just yet. Remember that your present website design might have a particular purpose why it has been designed that way, and redesigning it might just defeat its purpose.

2. When was the last time you had redesigned?

In deciding to redesign, it is important to also think back and reflect when was the last time you made rearrangements to your website’s design. If you had the same site design for a decade now, then maybe redesigning is a good idea already. You would not want your website visitors to close the window because they think your site looks old and outdated.

Upon answering these questions and you have finalized you are deciding to redesign, the next step would be to evaluate these points:

Points to consider upon deciding to redesign

1. Make sure you do not lose your site’s identity.

Having to redesign your site is like having it undergo plastic surgery. And in this process, your site sheds off its current identity and look, whether for the good or bad, and there is a great chance that your frequent visitors might not be able to identify your newly redesigned site when they come by again. And if that is the case, there is great risk that you lose some visitors along the way because they might think they have visited the wrong site. For this reason it is very critical that when you redesign your website, make sure that you do not lose your original identity. Keep some highlighted characteristics of your site, like the logo, or text style. Your frequent visitors would still recognize you when they drop by.

2. Ask for others’ opinions.

In order to make sure your decision to redesign is the way to go, why not ask your website’s frequent visitors? Ask for their feedback and honest opinion, and I’m sure they would be happy to help if you need to revamp your site or not.


Deciding to redesign is actually a big feat, so I hope you get to carefully ponder on these points first before you finally decide to do so.