community magazineCommunity magazine – the up and coming popular thing to do regarding your local subdivision or community. It can be a lucrative and fulfilling thing to do, if you are able to get a constant following of either advertisers or customers. Your community magazine may meet some competition, and other times it might become a challenge to work alone. There is very few information online about starting one, but it is definitely a very exciting venture. It is important to know as much as possible about the magazine business before you begin to maximize your chances of success.

Your content for the community magazine

A community magazine can have just about anything you want it to include. Sometimes, you can simply focus on including certain business and trade advertisements. Other times, you might want to include personal articles and other relevant information about your community. These may include a history of your local community, or even some other feature articles that you think would be interesting for the residents of your community.

The two main types of a community magazine

There are three main types of a community magazine. You can create either of these, depending on what type of magazine and generally what type of work you want to do. The main difference between the two is how profit is made using the certain type of magazine.

  • The first type of community magazine mostly gets its profit from local businesses and interested advertisers. Advertisers are usually willing to partner up with a magazine for a small fee. It means they will be able to reach a more specific area using the community magazine. These are usually in booklet sizes. There are many companies that are already offering opportunities to enter this type. These options typically include templates, financial support as well as the software you would need to create your regular community magazine. This type might require a larger capital from you. It may also be faced with quite a bit of competition. You might need to work harder to get your publication into circulation.
  • The second type is a personalized version of the first. Instead of getting profit from companies that support it, the funds come from customers who you are writing for. It will definitely be more interesting for your readers, but it might be harder to start up since there are no ready-made templates or software for you to make your personal community magazine. However, this magazine is much easier to sell since people are generally more interested in feature articles as opposed to a magazine that focuses mainly on advertising.
  • The final type is a hybrid of the two. You can choose to create a personalized magazine that includes some advertisements. You also might want to create a franchised publication that has a few personal articles.

Working for a community magazine

It can generally be a lucrative venture, but any type will surely require a lot of hard work. You will have to advertise it so that it will get enough interest and revenue to continue its publication. It can be very satisfying, although at times it might also be a bit lonely since you will be working by yourself most of the time.

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