common resume mistakesCommon resume mistakes are very much important to know especially if you are serious in applying for your dream job. Your resume will be your entry to success so if you really want to ace that job application process, you should hear these common mistakes out.

6 of the most common resume mistakes

Common resume mistakes # 1. Using a generic resume.

There are many templates online. And one of the most common resume mistakes is using the same template for all kinds of job applications. Using a generic resume is a big no-no. Each resume you create must be specialized and specific to the kind of job you are applying, and if possible, even tailor-fitted to the specific company you are applying to. Sending out generic resumes will speak ill of you. It would seem like you are not that serious or not that interested about that job and you would not want that image early on.

Common resume mistakes # 2. Avoid putting stuff that are not relevant anymore.

You should remember that the person reading your resume does not have all day and have plenty more things to do. Therefore, your resume should only contain information that are connected to the job you are applying to. Another of the more common resume mistakes is when people put experiences, examples, skills or personalities that are not needed or related to what they are applying for.

Common resume mistakes # 3. Do not use fonts that are too creative.

You may be a creative and crafty person, but this does not give you the power to use creative fonts on your resume. Your resume contains important information about you and your work experience, so you goal is to make it sound professional, and at the same time, look professional. That is why more often than not, the fonts used in resumes are Times new Roman, Verdana, Arial and the like.

Common resume mistakes # 4. Putting the phrase: “References Available Upon Request”

You need not put this common phrase anymore because every employer out there assumes that when someone applies for a job, it is already given that he has actual professional references available.

Common resume mistakes # 5. Stating an objective.

Gone are the years when putting an objective statement is the in thing when it comes to resumes. Applying for a job entails a clear direction, but instead of writing it in an objective format, what you can do is to write a unique headline, describing your highlighted skills and relevant experience.

Common resume mistakes # 6. Mistaking the resume as an application document.

Last but not the least of the common resume mistakes, remember that your resume is proof for your previous work experiences, educational background and other important personal information related to the work you are applying for. It should not contain why you left your last work, or your expected salary. Leave these for the interview when asked.

These common resume mistakes are pretty much common sense, but they need to be reminded of since applying for one’s job may be a very stressful task.

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