closing the saleClosing the sale is almost always what we focus on. Isn’t that the whole point of sales? While it’s important, you shouldn’t use that as your approach. Sales is really all about relationships, and clients can often pick up on phonies that only want their money.

Tips on Closing the Sale

Use the following tips that help you in closing the sale while being a person that clients are happy to deal with.

Listen and seek answers

In sales, you might think it’s better for you to do all of the talking.  After all, you only have so much time to pitch your product.  However, not listening to your client is really impersonal.  Instead, listen to them and ask them lots of questions.  Ask them what you can do to make them more comfortable with their decision to purchase your product.  Remember, you are trying to create a relationship rather than close a sale.

Never assume the sale

No sale is certain until the transaction has been made.  Many clients are polite people that won’t tell you to your face that they are not interested.  Therefore, never assume the sale even if you think you’re close to closing the sale.  Instead, work on your relationship between yourself and the client.

Be accepting of a client’s decision

Clients usually will not give you a straight “no” because salespeople are often trained to push back at the word.  If you show your potential clients that you can handle rejection with dignity, they will appreciate you for it and remember that for the future.  Let them know that you are fine with their decision and you hope that you will be able to services their needs in the future.

Get feedback

The only way that you will be able to improve your sales technique is to get feedback from your potential clients.  Many clients appreciate the humble and honest gesture and are willing to offer feedback.

Eliminate chasing through scheduling

The wait associated with closing the sale is dreadful and riddled with anxiety.  Eliminate the uncertainty by setting a time and date for you and your client to touch base on how things are going.  Even if the sale doesn’t happen, it can provide closure for both parties in an organized and anticipated way.

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