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Henry Fuentes

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Analytic Data Scientist/ Founder


Henry Fuentes

Hey thanks for visiting my personal site, I really don’t like talking about myself so I figured I would summarize a few accomplishments from my life thus far and have a place to link someone if they want to find out more information about myself. I’m sure I’m missing some parts but here it is overall.

I started out very early on in my love of computers and marketing as such a lot of the thing I talk about here most probably wont know as it was before there time and probably no longer “trendy”

So lets start at the beginning, when I was 9-10 years old I built or should I say re-built my first computer – When my mom came in and saw that I took apart her brand new $3,500 computer, god bless her she did not yell or scream all she said was … you better put that back together… which I did but so happen to had a few extra unnecessary parts left over

When I was 14, I learned to program C, Python, PHP, MYSQL and started building websites for video games I liked to play and build small IRC communities around them

Between 14-16 I tried to figure a way to turn my skills with building website ( Which let’s face it was being a wizard in those days) into some cold hard cash to buy a car and have some extra pocket money to hang out with my friends. No idea I would build a career around this skill set for the years to come.

I wanted to have sites that generate income for me but I did not want to spend days writing content so I built one of the first Auto-blog scripts (before WordPress was a thing) that would generate an entire site based on derivatives keyword that people would search for and I would show Ads and affiliate products to them to make money

That one project turned 200 lines of code into 800-900 thousand or so pages that were highly targeted for Adsense revenue that let me do high seven figures. At this point It was the wild wild west and in all things marketing and online advertising.

Keep in mind I didn’t get to keep it all and was broke a few months later. Due to a thing called google slap/ search algo updates.

By 17 I paused all internet related activities and tried my hands at almost everything else.

I spent the next year as a construction worker, house painter, busboy, server, hibachi chef, mowed lawns (I mowed carrot tops lawn in winter park fl)

I decided that this life was not for me, so I went back to figuring out this internet money life.

I went to the a site called WarriorForum at that time this was the largest marketing community with some real talented players and found someone who was somewhat popular with tons of post and high review that was not very good with tech. I figured I can learn marketing by adding value with my technical skills

In comes, my first marketing mentor Eric Louviere copywriter extraordinaire. We chatted, he gave me products, I made him websites I took this opportunity to learn everything I possibly could have.

At 19 Eric asked me to move to Austin TX, and I said hell ya to Learn from the best in person.

During this time I was responsible for technically building the most substantial private internet marketing membership community at the time called job crusher where Eric teamed up with Mike Filsaime to launch and market.

As well as all the sub-products that came with it. Traffic crusher, Review Crusher, etc. These products did well over 1 million dollars, and I built them.

That was a hell of experience the first time I saw the power of online marketing, and it was based on something that I built. With some influential marketers at the helm

At this point, I was able to work with some the legends Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, Profit Moffatt, Jason Dinner, Gohaury Cowdry, Manish Punjabi.

After a while, I decided to move back to Orlando Florida (hometown) and hunkered away to build my online empire.

Since I was technical things moved faster then most people would be able to, and I was able to create a massive blog farm and promote Clickbank offers.

I would find high converting offers that frankly had a lousy copy, and I knew I could make better.

I would rewrite the letters and add them into my network of blog sites, and the click bank checks started to come in.

Then I started down the path of paid media. Someone told me I can put in $1 and can get $2 back I was like really let’s try this out…

Keep in mind this is still very early on in AdWords days when you could get clicks for 3-5 cents and even sometimes for 1 penny on broad terms.

I teamed up with my cousin Chris, and we grew that business together.

At 21 I moved back to Austin the reason to move back was by my calculations Austin has the most internet marketers than any city in the United States. And I wanted to be around like-minded people in my industry Orlando Florida was not the place to grow or learn advanced marketing tactics

And if you ever visited Austin, it’s a hell of a place to live I’m now proud to call Austin my permanent home.

By 22 I was already making a good income as an affiliate driving traffic to offers and making commissions.

By 23 I doing well and having a great time in Austin with some really smart people I then met a super badass marketer who shall remain nameless

We were all hanging out at the hotel at the first Traffic and Conversion summit here in Austin.

When his tech guy up and left him high and dry. While his website was down, he was still spending money on media and ads he asked me if I knew anyone that can help him out.

I just met the guy so I said I could take a look at it and see if there is something I can do … saw the issues and had it fixed within the hour.

Next day he offered me a job doubling what I was making online, and I got to keep doing it and help him out at the same time, so that was a win-win.

When I jump on board they were doing 7 figures a month which was crazy at this point it was the most I have ever seen a website generate steadily month after month. I mostly have seen those numbers on one-off promotions or huge launches, but after they were done they did not continue to produce those numbers month after month.

During this time I learn he was not only great at copy but was a religious split tester. With now I get why he was great at Copy he keeps beating the best copy he wrote before and was ever getting better.

I learned split testing to a degree most people still today have no idea about. We experimented with different types of split testing formulas/equations such as (Taguchi and progressive muvar to name few) we ran well over 1,000 of tests of which had over 100,000,000 combinations and variations

Our team of 7 help creates one of the most significant men’s dating course ever.

By 24 I was living in New York and realized I didn’t want to be there, so I moved back to Austin.

Where I co-founded with my buddies Daniel Rose, and Mike Chang a youtube channel for men’s fitness called Sixpack Shortcuts.

We pretty much started 3 guys on a couch with a flip cam and Mike Chang hardcore dedication and drive.

Daniel Rose the genius media buyer and copywriter
Mike Chang the talent and drive
Myself for split testing and tech

We spent the next 7 years focused only on this brand growing it from nothing to where it is now 4.7million on Sixpack Shortcuts and 6.8 million combined subscribers across our sub channels and well over a Billion views making us the largest fitness channel on YouTube at that time.

We had 24k square foot office, 120ish employees provided healthcare, matching 401k. A proper big business doing 8 figures a year but always aiming for that 9 figure year.

We have been Featured on TV shows, News, and hell even a celebrity football game.

At this point we saw, we came and we conquered.

I sold my interest in sixpack shortcuts to focus on my talent/skill in split testing tech and media buying. for other brands

At age 30 I created Scaled By Design to help other businesses scale to the next level.

Working with brands where we can help the sustainable growth of over 133% and work with brands that have done over $100+ million a year.

So far I have spent ~16 years perfecting my skills at building high volume scalable internet businesses.

Working with brands and owning brands where I have spent over $ 1million a month for a few years to buy ads/traffic and convert traffic to offers.

I have invented and create some advance technology/SOPs that other businesses are still using today and keep asking for.

I have spent 10,000’s countless hours Programing developing researching testing trying, braking, rebuilding testing trying optimizing a new platform that every online business that buys traffic would need.

And I dare say I have reached a solid understanding of how the internet works and how to scale influence to acquire customers.

At 32 and the top of my game I felt board so I traveled the world getting to see some amazing places spent 1 year in Bali a few months in South America and got to meet some amazing people along the way.

Fully energized and ready to tackle on something new I have been lucky to spend over 20 years in the Online marketing Tech space seeing the internet from the very beginnings of netscape homestead website pages to Web2.0 with Social media Streaming video audio the internet really has grown and so many things to do. But I wanted to do something new something that would add more excitement to my career.

Lucky for me the internet decided to evolve and is still evolving into something new most people are calling it Web3.0 its still very early in this new chapter of the internet to fully understand what this will become but for me I get to feel the same excitement that got me started on my journey many years ago.

All new frontiers new mile stones new technology new languages, its feels like a great reset of everything web. And boy am I excited

I have since spent the last 2 years focused on this web 3.0 with Blockchain technologies Creating Smart contracts Building DAPP sites and all things Crypto.

What I can do better



Split Testing

I have designed and implemented over 5k different experiments to help increase conversions on landing pages, webinars, blogs, shop and custom pages.</p> <p>I even developed my own split testing equation that fights against media saturation and self optimizes by visitor behavior

Media Buying

I have been using paid media since before the almighty first google slap! I have bought media in all formats including PPC, PPV, CPA Networks, Swaps, Pop-ups, Pop-under, Software and Re-Marketing.

App Design / Web Development

I developed custom Applications and Software from scratch that has helped generate millions of dollars per month and continues to do so.</p> <p>LAMP Stack - Laravel 5.4 Developer<br /> PHP, JS, CSS3, HTML5, Node, Bootstrap, C++, C#

Blockchain / Web3.0

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, CRM, Program management, process management, analytics, machine learning, target marketing, sales optimization, end-to-end software delivery process design

My Work Experience



Experience :

Scaled By Design

2018 to 2022

Owner / CTO

After Exiting Sixpack Shortcuts I decided to open up a boutique marketing agency. One that was able to replicate the success I create for my own company for my clients Businesses.

I had the privilege to help companies such as Dollar Beard Club, Guthy Renker and all sub companies, Bonfire media, I was able to build Teams of marketing experts for each brand and build out their technical infrastructure for scaling and tracking.

Sixpack Shortcuts

2010 to 2018

Owner / Co-Founder

Sixpack Shortcuts is an Austin TX-based health and fitness brand focused on encouraging peak human performance through the best in nutritional supplementation, health-conscious food plans  and unconventional fitness training.

As Co-founder of Sixpack Shortcuts I was able to be a part of all of the many aspects of running a successful business.  I was an integral part  in the custom technology that allowed the company to scale.  I helped the company get to a media buying spend of over $1M a month as well as develop a phone sales department that reached $1M of revenue in a month.  

We are currently one of the fastest growing online fitness companies in the world. We specialize in helping the average man and woman get in the best shape of their life from our workout programs and supplement line. We currently have the #1 fitness channel on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers and growing.

Our fitness programs are improving people’s lives worldwide.

Altare Publishing


Chief Technology Officer

At Altare Publishing I did backend web development and ran Multivariant, A/B tests and  Multi Arm Band Testing for the biggest online dating offers at the time.  This is where I first learned about split testing and was able to develop the skills that ultimately let to my personal success.

Job Crusher

2003 to 2006

PHP Developer

As a backend developer I created the entire membership platform and community platform.  I also developed “Review Crusher” one of the first review scripts with Marketing features built-in which generated over $1 million the first week.


2003 to 2006


I was a backend web developer for Eric Louviere.  Eric was a great mentor to me and was the first person to introduced me to Internet marketing.

My Professional Strengths

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

My professional strengths is in my abilities to produce fresh ideas and effectively problem solve.  I thrive under pressure which helps me propel momentum despite the inevitable hurdles that are encountered.

My passion for keeping up with current and future technologies has been an asset because I am constantly incorporating them into my businesses.  I believe wholeheartedly that having a high-tech business is a necessity to compete in today’s market.  My strong development background has enabled me to customize and create my own tools to aid in effective and efficient marketing and business practices and automation.

Starting my career in digital marketing and development at the ripe old age of 16 has sent me along a very clear path that has led me to gain so much useful knowledge and experience.  I feel that my journey on this path has made me pretty well rounded due to the many different facets of business that I have been involved in.  I have had many successes and failures along my journey and have learned not only what I should do to succeed but also what not to do which I believe is actually more valuable.  I have been told by my colleagues that my laid back nature makes me an easy person to work with, I definitely like to have a good time outside of work but also at work and believe that a happy healthy work environment and relationships are the only way to truly be successful.  I believe in dreaming big and setting seemingly unattainable goals knowing that I can push myself to ultimately create my reality.


My knowledge base is definitely grounded in development and marketing.  There are very few marketing or development platforms or tools that I have not worked with.  Running a business that scaled as quickly as Sixpack Shortcuts caused my general business and management knowledge to expand greatly.  Some of my other notable areas of knowledge are manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, phone sales, business finance, video production and branding.

  • Web design and development
  • Multimedia design
  • Digital media development
  • Interactive computing
  • Strong creative skills
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Comfortable with a CMS
  • Cultivate a design sense
  • Right balance of tools
  • Approach every new skill
  • Good business management