copywritersCopywriters may be independent individuals or employees of an organization. They create promotional materials, advertisements or case studies. Freelance writers work per job or project or services per hour rather than being employed on a regular salary basis. One of copywriters’ in-demand jobs is writing a case study. Writing a case study can be seen by new writers as a difficult job.

Some freelance copy writers have no idea on how writing a case study works and how can it be beneficial. Whether you have or don’t have any experience in writing, it is better to look at the favorable side of writing a case study. It is an opportunity for all of us.

What Copywriters Need  to Know About Writing Case Studies

Stop doubting. heck the facts about case study writing.

1. Case studies are easy to write.

Practice makes permanent. If you can successfully write one, you can definitely write more

2. Case studies are relevantly short.

If you already have even a little experience in writing, you can definitely finish one in a day. Case studies are usually composed of 400 to 800 words.

3. The formats are standardized.

The structure of a case study is basic and commonly simple. You don’t need to come up with a killer concept or dazzling headline. All you need to do is gather all the facts and write a valuable piece.

4. Case study writers are in demand.

Most clients and companies want the case studies be written on time. They prefer doing it now and start with a new one in a timely manner. The demand of writers for case studies has increased for the past couple of years.

5. Case studies pay well.

For an experienced writer, most clients generously pay $100 per hour for case study writing. The more you spend time in writing case studies, the more projects and opportunities you’ll get.

6. There is little competition.

Since writing case studies pays well, a lot of writers are very competitive to get more projects. Case study writing is like just telling a story. Some freelancers mistakenly think that writing is too technical but the real thing is, it’s fun!

Case study market is now expanding all over the world. Earn big compensation from the comfort of your home. Jump in, be confident, participate and be copywriters!

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