business phoneBusiness phone is an important aspect of any business, especially when most of your transactions are done using the telephone. For instance, if you are with a specialty after market auto parts retailer and with no show room, business phone is an important asset since plenty of deals are handled using your phone. You get orders through the telephone, you speak to your suppliers over the phone and you get to talk to customers and vice versa through your phone system.

Business phone etiquette: Do not put annoying hold message.

If most of your transactions are done over the telephone, one important thing to remember is never to irritate your customers with your on-hold audio.

In one article, a staff of a company shares that her company’s business phone system has to most annoying hold message ever produced. Her boss changed the hold message from traditional hold music to a repeating digital loop of her boss’ voice announcing the company’s weekly specials. Since the company is a busy one, eighty percent of its business is handled over the phone and it is common for customers to be left on hold. What do you think customers do when they hear the company’s hold message?

If you have the same telephone hold message in place, think again. Your business phone can have a huge impact on how your callers feel about your business. Understand that when a customer is put on hold, it is one of the most important touch points for customers. To make sure that people stay connected, observe the following rules:

  1. Avoid repeatedly reminding people to access your website. There is a great chance that people are calling you after they found your number on your website; or worse, because something is not working on your website. Think of how annoying it would be for someone to repeatedly hear a message in such context. It is okay to remind callers to use your website, but do not repeatedly do that in your business phone.
  2. Do not oversell. On-hold audio is great at promoting your business. However, you have to remind yourself that people are probably calling your phone because there is a problem. Because of that, you should not hard sell. You’re likely to turn off customers if you keep on looping items for sale while they are waiting over the business phone.

So, what kind of message are you going to record on your on-hold audio?

  • Offer helpful information. A quick tip on how to use one of your products will surely be a welcome message to your callers.
  • Be creative with your business phone hold message. There are many ways to promote a product or service without sounding annoying. Explore on that.
  • A longer loop is better than repeated messages. Rather than having the same voice or music repeating every 30 seconds, come up with a business phone loop message that lasts at least five minutes.


The most frustrating thing that a caller could hear over the telephone is that he or she is going to be put on hold. Being on hold for more than 60 seconds seems like eternity. Thus, it is important to make the wait worthwhile for your customers. Program your business phone system to play music or informational messages that won’t sound annoying to your customers.

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