boost your businessBoost your business tips have always been a popular online search especially for home based business owners such as yourself. There are many different ways to boost a business. Some of them may or may not work for you, depending on your skills and goals. If you are an entrepreneur who is sufficiently knowledgeable about a certain field or topic, and you have a knack for words, then becoming an author could be the best way for you to boost your business. Whether you write a short, 50-page e-book or a multi-chaptered book, as long as it is filled with usable information and helpful tips, publishing a book is certainly one of the most effective ways to boost a business.

You might be wondering how publishing a book can help boost your business. Or maybe you are considering authoring a book to boost a business, but have no idea how to go about it. Continue reading this article to learn more about it through writing your own books.

How publishing a book can boost your business

First and foremost, publishing a book establishes your credibility in your field. This could boost your business because your readers, who are potential customers, would feel more secured knowing that you as a business owner is an expert and knows what you are doing. Once your book is released, it could gather attention from the media, which could entail invitations for various speaking engagements. This added visibility would significantly boost your business, as more people would know about you and what you do.

Your books could also be used as promotional items to new clients. Since publishing an e-book requires little to no production expenses, you can give it away for free as a marketing strategy. You can ask your clients to sign up before giving them the e-book, and use their information for follow-ups or to have an idea about the demographics of your market. So, if you want to boost your business at no cost but your time, writing an e-book is perfect for you.

Things to consider when publishing your book

Writing the manuscript

In order to release a good quality book, you would need great writing skills to communicate your ideas and thoughts. But what if you do have amazing ideas, but you are not that confident with your skills as a writer? You can opt to collaborate with another author, hire an editor, or employ a ghost-writer. These people could transform your ideas into a manuscript but essentially the content would come from you. That way, you would have a beautifully and effectively written book that could help boost your business.


After finishing your manuscript, you would have to think about how you want to publish your book. If you are planning on releasing an eBook, you wouldn’t have any problem because you can easily format it using any PDF or word processing program. However, if you want to have a hard copy of the book, you can try some publish on demand companies like Authorhouse, Xlibris, or Iuniverse for a reasonable fee. You can print as few copies at a time or as needed. Alternatively, you can use an offset printer if you want to print 500 copies or more, but that would require you to do all the artwork, formatting and design. Self-publishing your own book would allow you to boost your business at minimal cost.

Commercial publisher

If you want to boost the business even more by selling your books in bookstores, then dump the self-publishing route and sell your book to big commercial publishers. Mainstream publishers differ in the books that they are interested in publishing, so you would need to find one that would be willing to publish you. You can send out your book proposal (not the entire manuscript) to several companies until you find one that would offer a contract to you. These commercial publishers would pay you in advance then take care of formatting, designing, editing and marketing. They have the capacity to put your book in bookstore shelves, which would solidify your credibility even more as an expert in your field. This would help you boost your business, as more customers would come your way. It may take time, like a couple of months to over a year, before you see your book in bookstores. Also you will not have full control over the process. The publisher would consider your wishes regarding some aspects, but they still have the final say. If you are okay with the downsides of commercial publishing, then you should give it a try.

Writing and publishing a book is one of the most cost effective ways to market yourself and your business. You would need to invest your time and a lot of patience, but publishing a book would surely boost your business so it would surely be worth it.

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