book marketingBook marketing is something that should be taken seriously, next to the actual writing. Most authors, especially if they plan to self-publish, tend to go willy-nilly on this part. The common belief is that once a book is well written, it follows that the sales will be good as well. But this is not entirely the case. You have to strive to be the best in your category—and book marketing will help you do just that. Competition has never been tighter in this day and age so if you’re an aspiring writer, you better amp up your game. Worry not because there are a few tips and tricks that you can avail of if you want to learn more about book marketing.

Be clear on your target audience

This is critical. You have to be familiar with the tastes of your intended readers. You have to be clear on whom you are speaking with. You might’ve already figured this out on the earlier stages of writing but be sure that this translates to the over-all design of the book. The cover, the font, the layout, size, weight, etc. has to appeal to your target audience. You have to invite them (your target audience) to pick up your book at the store.

The truth about good books and book marketing

The truth is, not all best sellers are good books and not all good books are best sellers. The publisher or the promoter should be praised. He or she has mastered the art of book marketing. The success of your book largely depends on how it’s promoted to the public. It used to be that an author has to go through a major publishing house to get noticed. But this has changed throughout the years. Book marketing has made it possible for self-publishers to become successful even if they don’t have the backing of a publishing house.

Create something new

This is pretty simple: Don’t do something that has already been done countless times before. Book marketing is easier if the product is unique to begin with. There is a niche in things that are different and new. You have to think of a creative, catchy title that will capture your audience’s attention. Study your demographics and find out if there’s something that they would want to add to their collection or library.

Hire someone to do your book marketing

It is commonly known that creative people, writers in particular, are sensitive beings. Writers tend to take things personally and seriously sometimes. Book marketing is a tough job. Many people are expected to say negative things about a certain book. If the writer were to take the hat of the marketer, he or she would lose his or her mind. It is for those who are a bit thick skinned and tenacious. If you want to, just leave all the PR work, marketing included, to other people who are more qualified.

Online book marketing

You will have an extra advantage over your competitors if you use the Internet. Online book marketing is a great approach in reaching that online savvy audience. You can create an exclusive website for your book. This will make it more accessible to those who curious about it. Make a user-friendly homepage. There should be a tab for testimonials, reviews, and excerpts. There should also be a list of your distributors and their addresses and contact numbers. You can also include your book in a print database. Online bookstores refer to databases often.

If you’re not into websites, it doesn’t mean that you’ve already failed at online marketing.  You can create an email promo. First, you need to draft a short newsletter that features your book.  You may send the sales letter at a later date.

Blogging as a form of book marketing

You’re a writer, after all. Book marketing can be done through blogging. Just link the webpage (of your book) on every article. If you’re lucky, you can have more than a hundred hits every day. Make your blog popular so that you’ll have followers willing to buy your book.

The price issue

One of the best reasons to buy a book is its reasonable price. Consider the income level of your target audience. Any book marketing effort would prove to be futile if this is not done justly.

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