book cover designBook cover design is the first factor that makes your eBooks sellable. Having a good story or article is necessary. However, the first thing you must exercise your efforts on is the design of your book’s façade.  For that, you need a good layout artist to do the job. A well arranged layout of a book makes the readers scan the book smoothly. Consequently, the message of the book is received effortlessly.

Basically, the composition of the interior should be finished first before the cover design. That tactic is good to ensure that your layout coincides with the purpose and story of the book. Most of the readers preferred an organized or well arranged book cover design layout. To capture your readers’ attention, make an original a design that will make you stand out over other competitors. To make it more interesting, add some pictures or photo that will represent the subject or atmosphere of the book. Less conceptualized book cover design might send wrong concept or signals to the readers. This should not be the case if you want your product to survive.

We often counter superficiality with the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in reality, that is how book marketing works. In order for them to make it to the top, hire a skilled graphic artist or designer who has a wide experience on layout designing, barcode and image scanning, text layout, graphic layout, illustrations, wide library of concept/ideas, color matching, case/ jacket design and so on. Maximize the content of your book cover design. Give it a glow that will make an impact at the first glance of the reader.

Essential Tips for Having a Best Selling Book Cover Design

For a bestselling book, there are two major parts that needs careful consideration.

Part one: – The Design Part

The design part is composed of the book cover design or eBook design, book layout, and interior pages.

Part two: – The Publishing Part

In the publishing part, you can find incorporate editing, typesetting, illustrations, photographs and graphics.

After accomplishing all of these things above, it is now high time to print the material. In addition, make sure everything is polished and in order before publishing your masterpiece. Remember that book cover design should not be your priority. Check few things like the spine width of the book cover and the number of pages in the book. The next process to decide on is the book type. Choose between a hardbound and softbound cover. After revamping, submit your manuscript formatted in Microsoft Word, carrying great titles and headings.

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