body languageBody language is just as important as verbal communication when it comes to talking to people. When you are in the sales industry, you make a living by working with and talking to different people day in day out. It is very crucial that you relay your point to your potential customer when trying to make a sale. Most marketers think that using the right words alone would give them a successful sale. What they don’t realize is that body language plays a big role in sending your message across. By using it and words, you would be more convincing and are more likely to sell your product or service.

It is composed of several features. However, there are five key elements that are believed to be the most significant when it comes to marketing and sales. This article would introduce to you each of these key elements as well as some tips to improve these skills.

How to improve your body language

Eye contact

This body language is a dead giveaway of your confidence in the product you are selling. If you maintain good eye contact while speaking with the customer, they would see that you are confident and will be more likely to believe what you are saying. It also gives an impression that you are focused on them and their concerns. Next time you talk to your customer, make sure to look them in the eye.


Another important language that shows how confident you are is the handshake. When you shake a person’s hand, make sure to grasp it firmly but not too tight, then give it at least three pumps. This body language would not only show your confidence, but it would also make your customer feel that you are sincerely glad to be meeting or doing business with them. Avoid giving limp handshakes, as these would give an impression to your customers that you are not interested.


In any field of work that involves regularly interacting with people and customers, appearance is very important. This is especially true with sales and marketing. Would you buy a product or service from someone with unkempt clothes and hair? Customers would think that if you can’t take care of yourself, how would you take care of them? They prefer dealing with sales people who are presentable in terms of appearance.


Among the body language skills that you need to master, smiling is probably the easiest thing to do. If your customers see you smiling genuinely, they become more at ease and more receptive to what you have to tell or offer them.

Good Posture

This body language tells a lot about your confidence and your personality as well. By maintaining good posture when speaking with customers, it shows that you are confident of yourself and the product or service that you are selling. On the other hand, bad posture could make you look either like an arrogant person or a slacker, which could be off-putting and would turn customers off.

Practice these five important body language skills until you have mastered them and they come naturally to you. By incorporating it every time you talk to your potential customers, you can be assured that your sales would increase.

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