better copywriting styleBetter copywriting style is what a true copywriter wants to achieve and master over the entire lifetime of his profession. To be better, if not the best, is always their goal. Fulfillment in this field is not only rooted from the enormous profit you have gained through your copy. Your satisfaction also stems from the motivation that you will improve your copywriting skills. Not being able to obtain better copywriting style at the end of your career is a great failure.

Tips to Develop Better Copywriting Style

Academic writing is very different from copywriting in terms of purpose and style. You write a copy to promote and market a business. Advertising is the driving force that pushes you to write for the public. Copywriters aim to convey a message that convicts the audience to act according to the copy’s purpose. That is why it is important to make your copy pleasing and bold at the same time.

For that, here are 9 useful tips that would lead you to a better copywriting style.

1. Refrain from using “is” and “be” as your saving verbs.

Verbs such as “is” and “be” occupy those little spaces in the text you often ignore. When you sum up these spaces, it can form a big black hole that would extract the fun out of your output. Better make less room for them. They might just push you to waste words and spoil the excellence of your work. Why say “I will be writing” when you can express it in three words, “I will write?”

2. Make the longest for last.

Better copywriting style requires your sentence to be in ascending order in terms of length. Start with the simple words and work them out until you reach the longest ones. It makes your text coherent, organized, and relatively understandable. If you write your sentence in this manner,

“He uses texts that are filled with hopeful ideas, interesting, and powerful.”

You can choose to express it by saying,

“He uses texts that are interesting, powerful, and filled with hopeful ideas.”

3. Specify more, convince more.

Avoid stating information with the words like many, several, almost, nearly, approximately, and other modifiers that make you seem unsure. Unless your dealing with legal counsels and documents, then please do so. On the contrary, copywriting is more convincing when data are specified. Clients appreciate it more when you truthfully base your facts on research, survey results, tests, studies, etc.

4. Find the modifiers that fit perfectly.

Know where exactly you should put your modifier. The rule applies even to neighboring clauses.

5. Choose your length differently.

Sentences with the same length can make perfect moments fall down the slope. Remember, exciting adventures often start slow until everything becomes fast-paced, then will come to an immediate fall of action.  It is neither stagnant nor linear. Just like this, varied sentence length makes the text a worthwhile. Your readers are assured they are on for a treat.

6. Do not formulate chants.

Chants are not accustomed to the word pause or break. What is more amazing is that it can go longer minutes without stopping. You, on the other hand, do not write chants but a copy containing technical information. Clearly, you have to put up breaks in between to give your readers a breathing space to digest your statement. Adapting chants in your text does not support better copywriting style.

7. Prove that there’s power in little things.

Do not exhaust a train to deliver your message if a car can efficiently do it so. This applies both in life and in text. If you can use a 2-word sentence to express your thoughts perfectly, then drop your intent to write longer.  Remember, better copywriting style takes a particular notice to word economy.

8. Single and splitting verbs.

Do not use two similar verbs just for the purpose of specificity and emphasis. Writing is like playing though a maze. Do not tour long and winding roads if you can go straight to the point.

9. Redundancy can kill the cat.

Redundancy should not be tolerated. Words like “joyously happy,” “essentially important,” and “fulfilling satisfaction,” express very little of your thoughts. Pairing up synonymous words does not leave a lasting mark to the readers. Redundancy just makes your sentence longer, yet still forgettable.

Put in mind that to achieve a better copywriting style, you have to invest time and effort following these tips. Unless you are prepared for hard work, you will never achieve success in copywriting.

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