best man s speechBest man’s speech – these three words come together into an almost fearful phrase. A lot of people worry about what they should put in their speeches, and how to make something that will mean a lot to the groom. His speech is different from the usual speeches because you have to actually make it mean something. The great thing about a best man’s speech is that it’s a bit less formal, so there are quite a lot of ways to take your nerves away. If you’re nervous about giving a speech, you’ve come to the perfect place to improve your speech. Here are a few tips to help you stand up and say something meaningful without being scared to death before it even starts.

Prepare your best man’s speech

Just like every other speaking engagement, you have to take some time preparing your best man’s speech. Since the speech would be very important to the groom, it would be nice to practice it before the wedding. If you want to bring a few pieces of paper to help you during the speech, do so. It would be better to read your best man’s speech of a paper rather than to stumble in your speech simply because you can’t remember what you meant to say.

Try to start with a joke

Again, his speech is far from formal. Because of that fact, you can try any type of joke and you can gain great rapport with your audience during your best man’s speech. You probably know the groom well, so you might even make a joke about him in your speech, and he would be okay with it. Try to think your joke over in your head before saying it in your speech so that you can check if you are saying it in a way that will make it very humorous. A great start will give you confidence, so try a joke to see if the audience is responsive to you. If they are, you can be sure that they will enjoy the message you are about to give them in your best man’s speech.

Talk about the groom

The event is all about the bride and groom, so why not fill your speech about the groom? Anecdotes about the groom can let your audience enjoy your experience with the groom. However, if you are trying to tell funny stories about the groom, make sure that your best man’s speech will not offend anyone. A few good anecdotes in your speech can help the crowd enjoy the wedding so much more.

Try to use a few pictures

Using a few photographs of the groom in the speech can make a great conversation between you and your audience. It will be very amusing of them to see him in the past, and they can even take away any attention that may be stuck on you. You can even use the pictures to help make the best man’s speech a little bit funnier if that is the type of speech you are aiming for.

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