being a freelance copywriterBeing a freelance copywriter is a tedious but an ultimately fulfilling career. You just do not make a copy to market products or services, but you also work to put up well-written outputs. You organize thoughts and put them beautifully into words. Indeed, being a freelance copywriter is writing intelligent and stirring pieces at the same time.

Being a freelance writer is one of those dream you long to capture yourself. It is like a calling that would deem so good it would be too hard to resist. You earn money while making a worthwhile task. You write for business. Even more so, you write for the world to benefit. If you are still lost with the idea of being a freelance copywriter, then worry not.

Path Towards Success in Being a Freelance Copywriter

Here is a list of 11 things you would want to know about being a freelancer.

1.       Quoting jobs and charges.

You become a master servant of all. Freelance copywriting delivers you from one client to another in a fast-paced action. Permanence is a relative quotient. After finishing a task for a certain client, you need to be immediately up on your knees, quoting for new jobs. Quoting also encompasses the calculation of fees you might earn in doing a copywriting job. It also means tracking and estimating time to finish a task, which your previous jobs taught you perfectly. Quoting also requires you to compute the time you spend idle, to expect the fee your client might pay, and to evaluate the type of client you want to work with. Competitors are also to be quoted from time to time.

2.       Proposing to clients.

Proposing typically means submitting copywriting proposals to your prospects. Basically, this is where you market your skills and experiences. You impress the public with commendable work ethics, ready solutions, great customer service, and your unmatched commitment. You justify your worth and your edge from cut-throat competitors. Being a freelance copywriter, you are convinced that a proposal can be everything to you and to your client. Consequently, do it with great effort. Make it presentable and meaningful. Include technical aspects like titles, headings, footers, etc. Introduce your work and do not forget to summarize your requirements.

3.       Going after relevant reviews.

Chasing reviews is the bottleneck of freelance copywriting. Being a freelance copywriter means you got to have buckets of patience trapping down reviews. Digest that clients often take years to review you. They even put you on the waiting list for months. In this case, make sure you exert effort to balance delays by regularly chasing reviews. Record the time the clients spent so you can prepare for deadline discussions.

4.       Planning and tracking projects.

Scheduling and chasing down projects should be faithfully observed several times a day. You need to check the working progress from time to time. Preparations and direct solutions are also called for in copywriting projects. Use a job and contact tracking database to do the task for you. Use Microsoft access or any tool that you see convenient to your needs.

5.       Accounting transactions.

Being a freelance copywriter does not exclude you from accounting income and other transactions. You issue and chase invoices, process payments, record incomes and expenses, and even manage multiple bank accounts. With this huge accounting responsibility, manual recording would be a suicide. For this, better avail proper accounts package to help you deal with every accounting transaction.

6.       Checking out clients.

Do not use modern communication tools as your primary excuse not to visit your clients. If you have a contract that would last for months, better start reaching out to your clients personally. Build camaraderie and a strong connection with them. Let them know that you are trustworthy and you respect the recourses of your job. Send them a visiting notice beforehand. During the meeting, be punctual, note the minutes of the meeting, and drive them to do specific actions.

7.       Administrating office works.

Being a freelance copywriter means doing everything that your job requires. You change phone and Internet plans, fix wired connections, enhance data storage, schedule meetings, and many more. Even computer concerns like broken ink cartridges and improper installations are all under your hands. You are the sole working administration. As an office admin, make sure you manage your time properly. You do these responsibilities without forgetting your role to as a copywriter.

8.       Spearheading marketing schemes.

Your role is also to create a business that will suffice and survive for a long time. Lead marketing strategies that will lead you to a prosperous business. Take time to realize efficient strategies that are worth the money, time, and the risks.

9.       Doing industry research.

You must comply with the industrial standards that your workplace demands. Track daily changes in the use and rules of language. Search how to make you website known through search engine optimization and electronic newsletters. Spend hours mastering writing for both the web and the print.

10.   Researching for specific subject matter.

Know your subject matter thoroughly. Do your best to obtain specific and general knowledge of the client’s product or service. You can rely to the Internet for connections into far off information. Conduct an interview with your client if you see necessary. Drive them into spilling vital information you need to be able to start working efficiently. Be detailed in taking down important notes. Most importantly, consult your clients before publishing information that you have gathered about them.

11.   Planning from the smallest to the greatest.

Freelance writing asks you to plan your every step. Make sure every aspect of your copywriting venture is parallel or lies in the same line of your purpose. From the tiniest into the most intricate details of your work, plan everything carefully.

Being a freelance copywriter is really a place for growth and self-sufficiency!

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