becoming an expert proofreaderBecoming an expert proofreader is not easy.  Many people think that being an expert proofreader is an inborn skill endowed to just a handful of people. However, the reality is that anyone with the motivation can be successful in the field of proofreading. When you have the right mix of passion, patience, and faith, you can acquire the skill and become good at it. Here are some tips to transform becoming an expert proofreader.

  1. No one knows yourself than you do.  The real reasons behind good and bad habits, the mannerism of misplacing every word or letters, and your kinship to sentence fragments are things that you know only to yourself. Remember that you are the right person to judge your work.  Once you acknowledge your weakness as a point for strengthening, becoming an expert proofreader will be easy as a pea.
  2. To be an expert proofreader is not only about checking misspelled words. Now with the technologies we have like MS word, things like that will be a lot easier. You must be more conscious about the sentence structure, word harmony, parallelism, redundancy of words, and incoherent texts.
  3. Take occasional breaks.  Relax and have a cup of coffee. Condition your mind on the work you still have to work on. When you are ready, go back to work.  With a more relaxed mind, you can work more effectively and see through those lines with a bright eye.
  4. Becoming an expert proofreader is not how fast you finish your job. You must work on every detail.  Slowing down at repeating every word or sentence is one of the effective ways of proofreading.  Sometimes reading it aloud also helps.
  5. Try not losing to your subconscious.  It sometimes plays tricks on you.  Letting you see what you think is there but in reality, you have just missed the point.  Becoming an expert proofreader encompasses heart read and reread always what is actually on the page.
  6. Do not be satisfied with just a glimpse over your paper.  Be sure to meditate on it several times, so you can avoid missing some possible error.
  7. Becoming too familiar with your work is one of the things you should avoid. It sometimes makes your opinion bias.  Becoming comfortable may change your opinion and set of ideas.  Asking a friend to check your work may help you balance the boat.  A pair of proud eyes is good, but having another unbiased view is better.
  8. In becoming an expert proofreader, first you make sure the right term to use.  Not every mistake you commit will be detected by the software.  Style and misused words are often missed. Checking your spelling or vocabulary frequently is a good practice.
  9. Not paying attention to your work even if it is just for a second may lead into an error you do not expect.  A misspelled word or a wrong sentence structure may be present to your work. So always focus on what you are doing.

Best Tip to Becoming an Expert Proofreader

Accept that only few, special people can hit a groundbreaking career on proofreading on his first try. Nevertheless, you should never lose hope and always strive in becoming an expert proofreader.

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