internet presenterInternet presenter is crucial in making your brand stand out from all your other online competition. If you’re involved in Internet marketing and you think that you can do without a presenter, think again. Presentation skills and speeches are just as important for the Internet presenter as it is in a leader.

The web pages that grab your attention using audio or video streaming have a face behind it. Sooner or later, that face has to be exposed to a real, live audience. If you chose a home- based business because you don’t care much for talking to people, then you have to face reality. And the reality is that you will still need to hone your presentation skills as an Internet presenter. If you dread it to so much to the point that death will be preferable, then it will really be that awful when the time comes.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way. Make it memorable, captivating, and make sure that it fulfills the need of your target audience. Challenge yourself as an Internet presenter by taking a radical approach to it and making it suit you. Remember that if you’re the kind who enjoys his work and is comfortable with it, your audience will enjoy it too.

There are a lot of good presentations out there that you could study to make yours stand out. Stimulate, interest, and leave the audience wanting more. Don’t create the kind of presentation that people will view as a waste of time. Deliver a presentation with a clear message and conviction—you will eventually become the best Internet presenter out there.

Never include too much detail and don’t create a presentation that will result in information overload. Presentations are for building respect, credibility, and relationships. Include the necessary information your audience needs to know. Use visual aids only when necessary—don’t use it as a hiding place. Be an engaging Internet presenter. Do not read from your presentation or cue cards because people will see right through you. If you can’t do these simple things, you don’t deserve to be one.

Always have a clear idea of what you want your outcome to be. It can be about a variety of things from informing them about your business to selling them something. Being an Internet presenter can be fun if you know the best way to approach your audience and how best to structure your presentation.

Here are a few tips on how to become great on this:

Internet presenter tip #1: Prepare your speech outline.

Just like with every story, your presentation must have a clear flow. Have a beginning, middle, and end. Base the flow of your presentation on these points for every section.

  • Beginning:
    • Who are you?
    • Why are you giving this presentation?
    • Why will it be interesting to your audience?
    • How long is the presentation?
    • If they can ask questions, when?
    • Will there be handouts?
    • What do you want to achieve?
  • Middle:
    • Include essential facts and information relevant to your audience.
    • What is it that you want your audience to glean from your presentation?
    • Is there a logical order you want to follow?
    • Include trivia points if there is enough time
  • End
    • Tie everything together
    • Thanks the audience
    • Question and answer portion

Internet presenter tip #2: Be prepared.

Your emotional state as in Internet presenter is crucial in fulfilling your goals. Be prepared as it will also be a courtesy to your audience. Besides, if you’re prone to stage fright, being prepared will help you get over your jitters. There are some Internet presenter who still have stage fright but are able to overcome it.

Come early to your presentation so that you have time to relax, rehearse, and get acquainted with the venue. Take control of your situation by harnessing and channeling your adrenaline rush and nervousness into something effective and productive. This way, you can overcome your stage fright and be the best kind of Internet presenter there is.

Drink water. This will lubricate your voice and make it clearer while you present. Regulate your breathing and be conscious of it. Take in air as deep as you can without raising your shoulders. Deep breathing has been shown to calm people down and you can use this before you start your presentation.

Don’t talk the whole way through. Encourage participation from your audience and from others where necessary. It will also keep your audience awake and stimulate them to participate. Maintain a good posture. Aside from making you confident, it will also engage your audience. Stretch—it will loosen tense muscles and help you relax. Bite the tip of your tongue anytime you feel your mouth is getting dry. This will help your salivary glands release more saliva to your mouth.

Internet presenter tip #3: Develop your presentation skills.

This is one of the most important tools. Your skills will make your words come alive. Rehearse and prepare by all means possible, but don’t forget to give importance to your energy as this will make the presentation more interesting. As an Internet presenter, you will want to achieve a certain outcome and without liveliness, you will not be able to get there.

Be sure to make your presentation informative, interesting, and above all, entertaining. A lot of business presenters forget about the last one. You shouldn’t. Formal presentations need not be boring. A good presentation can include a serious message while still maintaining the engagement of its audience. To get your message across, be the kind of Internet presenter that makes their speech and presentation fun and engaging.

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. If they have attended talk after talk, they may lose their focus over time. Listening is hard work, after all. As an Internet presenter, help them maintain their focus by making eye contact. Move around and use gestures—but avoid any kind of mannerisms that will distract them. Most important of all, smile!

Internet presenter tip #4: Finishing up.

End your presentation with a summary of the entire key points made during the talk. Follow this up with an invitation for questions they may have. Lastly, thank them for being there and listening to you. Be professional regardless of your audience.

It is a misconception that even the most experienced presenter does not need to prepare. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or a newbie Internet presenter, do everything you can to make your talk worthwhile to your audience.

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