graphic designersGraphic designers have way more influencing power than you may have ever thought or considered before. Picking up that bar of soap you saw on the market because of the packaging? That’s probably because of these designers. Do you suddenly find yourself drawn to that bag of chips on the shelf? Graphic designers did that. Trying out that new restaurant down the street because of their eye- catching flyers? Yup, you guessed it—they are behind it.

These designers are responsible for most of the appealing and saleable items on the market today. They grab your attention, you take a closer look, and eventually buy the product. It’s no secret that for people to buy a product, you must first catch their eye. And graphic designers make sure that people do just that by creating logos and designs that will attract customers. By doing so, they’re also increasing the company’s sales. If you want to try your hand at becoming one of these designers, here are some of the things you may want to consider.

Graphic designers 101: Get a degree

Majority of graphic designers acquire their skills and know- how by first receiving a Bachelor’s degree in advertising or fine arts. Sometimes, they can focus on either graphic art or computer graphics. Of course, there are those who make it big just by having the talent but most jobs will still require a degree. Most recruitment processes won’t even consider you for a position if you can’t show them a certificate. In addition, you have to consider your competition. There will be a lot of graphic designers with a degree who are also applying for the same position so it’s better to even out the playing field as much as possible.

There are various colleges and schools in America that can offer aspiring designers the training and skills they would need. Explore courses in animation, advertising, visual communication, multimedia, web development, graphic design, and many others. You can even opt for short- term programs lasting for one to two years or long- term programs like Bachelor of Fine Arts for three to four years depending on what you need. Regardless, these can become stepping-stones for you to land a job and get started on being one of the best graphic designers in the industry.

Graphic designers 101: Freelancing

Don’t forget that with any creative type of work, you must also build a portfolio—and these designers are no exception. Whenever you can, do freelance work. It will help you build your skills as well as your portfolio. You can use this to show your prospective employer why they should choose you over other graphic designers.

Graphic designers 101: Be up to date

Keep your eyes open for new trends in the market. It pays to be updated with packaging designs and advertising developments to help you stay in the game. This being said, it’s also crucial that you keep learning new software. Without it, you will lose your edge and you will definitely lose to the other graphic designers.

Graphic designers 101: Develop your interpersonal skills

These designers don’t spend their entire day in front of the computer. Therefore, learn how to communicate with people effectively and efficiently. You will be a cut above other designers if you can communicate as well as you design.

They have the power to influence a lot of people and can become invaluable to companies. So if you’re pursuing a career in graphic design, keep these tips in mind and you’re well on your way to becoming one of the best graphic designers.

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