Avoid spamming at all costs. It ruins the reputation of those trying to get the word out on their great product or service and is one avoid spammingof the most annoying things on the Internet.  However, there is an incredibly fine line in between marketing and spamming. With this article, you’ll be able to tell the difference so that you can have become an effective Internet marketer.

What is spam?

In order to avoid spamming, one must know what spam is.  Spam can be summed up as any unwanted message that you receive on the Internet.  Although most people think spam is limited to their email inboxes, spam can appear everywhere.  In social media and message boards, they come by way of those random advertisements that have nothing to do with the original post.  They are often ignored or, worse, reported.  This is why you should avoid spamming at all costs.

Avoid spamming in message boards

Spamming is very common in message boards which is annoying to all participants.  A message board acts as an online community for people to discuss a particular interest or idea.  It is an environment where people are free to converse and socialize.  Internet marketers can contribute to this online community by offering friendly and related advice to participants in message boards.  The marketing part is subtle – just provide your link at the bottom of your message so that the community can learn more about you.  However, once you start posting about irrelevant things, then you risk being alienated by the community.  Worse off, you may be interfering with the guidelines of the website and get yourself banned.  At best, you will have a lot of annoyed people who will just ignore your posts.

Avoid spamming in email advertising

This is where most people encounter spamming which is why you should avoid spamming in email advertising and e-newsletters.  One of the most annoying things is to receive a whole ton of emails that clog up your inbox that you have zero interest in.  People are so used to receiving spams so they consider them to be junk mail and delete them right away.  Avoid spamming by sending your emails to people who have signed up for you email list.

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