Prospect list is an important element in achieving success in internet marketing. But did you know that all your effort in article writing can get you prospective clients? It is definitely possible to build your prospect list by writing articles.

If you need a little help with marketing your product, article writing can give you a boost. The process is not at all complicated. Pick a topic for your article, it could vary to anything of your expertise or nature of your business. Choose an article directory where you can submit these articles. The article directory should be a place where eZine publishers and your target readers are similar. You must choose those who are trusted and not just any directory. An example of this would be

prospect list
sample of a prospect list

How to Build your Prospect List

To make it work, you need to attach a “resource box” at the end of the articles. The only way the articles help you build your prospect list is to do this. After providing informative content, the “resource box” is attached. The box must contain information such as your name, professional information about you and your service plus a URL. Make sure you put some authority in it to build a trusting relationship with your prospective customers. It is more effective to put the URL of your landing page. This list will increase your prospect for those who visit. Your landing page will get you their information. Consequently, this could increase in prospect list.

Remember, with article writing you shouldn’t just write useless content. Bring your expertise into your articles. Provide useful information that others can benefit from. If eZine publishers find your articles useful, there is no doubt they will republish it. And you know that it will include your resource box. This gives way to viral marketing. At the end of the process, your get a larger prospect list and you’ve gone viral on the web.

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