Avoid spamming when you are an internet marketer and give your readers a reason not to block you from their lives. But first, let’s avoid spammingdefine the two concepts that are often misunderstood. Not knowing the difference between ads and spam can lead to a fatal death. And this death could mean saying good bye to internet marketing for good.

Why should you Avoid Spamming?

You probably already have a well-crafted online marketing campaign by now. You are probably excited to get your products out there and show prospects what you’ve got. But then you don’t know what spams are and you suddenly then made mistake and created them. You get the shock of your life when you realize you’ve lost your prospects and that your mailing list diminished in an instant.

The main reason why you should avoid spamming is because it is extremely dangerous. It can ruin your chances of earning profit because it sends a negative signal to your prospects. With spamming, you may even damage your existing relationship with customers. If worse comes to worst, it can damage your reputation online and send you to zero following.

How to Advertise Correctly

At this time, I am ready to give you a few tips to keep in mind in order for you to advertise correctly and avoid spamming your prospects and subsisting customers. Keep them in mind and always make a quick check at what you are doing to make sure you avoid spamming.

  • Do not overuse banner ads.

The popularity of banner ads is tremendous, at least in the internet marketing field. These ads are so called because you see them on websites and typically covers the topmost of the website. They also measure from one side to the other, forming a kind of banner. But banner ads today are also used to refer to any other ads of various sizes and shapes. They may appear at any spot on the site.

A strategy called banner ads exchange involves two website owners offering each other advertising spaces for the other person’s ads. Those who are in affiliate marketing offer their ad space in exchange for a fee. The owner of the ads pay for the space and for the possibility of driving more traffic to their site.

Banner ads, however, may be overused and can cause spams. It’s pretty simple. If you place your banner ads on a website that targets your market, you are doing it right. If you place your ads in a website in the similar niche, you are not violating anything. But if you place your ads on a website that targets a different audience, it is considered spam. If you place your banner ads in a site in a different niche, you may be tagged as spam. As a result, those who encounter your ads will most likely think of your product as something mediocre. You wouldn’t want that.

To avoid spamming, avoid these practices. Be choosy in placing banner ads.

  • Use email marketing properly.

You could avoid spamming by simply making sure that you do email marketing correctly. It’s one of the most important strategies for internet marketing. You will really end up using it anyway. Email marketing gives you the chance to promote your ads, e-courses and shorts. Of course, you can also promote your product and services here. Those who have subscribed to you will most likely read your email campaigns. However, those who do not, will view this as spam. To make sure that you avoid spamming, send emails only to those who have manifested their interest in your product.

I’m sure you know how it feels to receive unsolicited emails. You don’t want your prospect to feel that you are trying to spam them. It gets worse if they think you are trying to send them virus.

  • Follow guidelines when joining message boards.

Have you ever joined message boards? Say, that which talks about your favorite musician. Message boards are a great way to find prospects. However, to avoid spamming, you must not send anything unrelated to the discussion. It would be best to read the guidelines of the message board or forum. There, you will find what you can and cannot post to avoid spamming.

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