new sales mindsetNew sales mindset is what you need. Let’s face it. Old sales skills or spiels will get you nowhere. Continuing old methods would only result in repeating the same old mistakes. However, if we adopt a new sales mindset, we would most likely get new results. Once you change your mindset, your approach as well as sales strategy will also change. And chances are, you’d get more sales.

New Sales Mindset: Some Ideas to Sell

To understand better why we need to adopt a new sales mindset and replace the old ones, here are some areas which the two differ significantly. Also, here are some tips on how to start having better sales:

1. Sales spiels.

Most traditional sales representatives have a practiced script to say to customers, like what their company is, what they are selling etc. Most often than not, potential clients fight these spiels utterly mechanical and unappealing. If these sales representatives would adopt a new sales mindset, they will realize that the most effective script is to not a have a script at all. Instead, try to actually converse with the client and see how she or he reacts to a certain offer. No two people are the same so naturally, what you say should also be altered depending on who you are talking to. The most fool-proof way to attract customers is to be personal. Transfer the attention from you to them. Start a conversation by asking if they might have a problem that could be solved by the product or service you are selling.

2. Closing a sale

Again, it’s all a matter of mindset. If your ultimate goal is to close a sale as soon as possible, your tendency would be to rush the process and the client himself. This could be very stressful for both you and the client. However, a new sales mindset includes trying to actually help your client solve a particular concern. You will find that the process is actually much easier and faster. This is because the client will know that you are entrusting the direction of your conversation to him. Thus, he will trust you enough to actually say what he wants to be done. Hopefully, you’re the right fit.

3. Losing a sale.

Unlike what earlier sales mindset teaches, losing a sale is not the end. It is only the beginning of a new sales process. Losing a sale allows you to reevaluate yourself. In this point of them, you will notice things you might have missed during your appointment with your prospect client. For example, you might have used traditional sales talk without noticing it and as mentioned before, this would cause clients to lose interest in you and consequently, your product. After assessing this weaknesses, you will be able to come up with a solution. With a new sales mindset, you will be able to use this to your advantage.

4. Rejection

Count the times you have been rejected and the times you thought it was normal. Too many times? Then it’s time to adopt a new sales mindset. Rejection is not a normal, random thing. There’s actually a reason to it. Clients can sense hidden agendas. This means that they know when you’re selling for the sake of getting a sale or selling to actually help the client. Easier said than done when you’re someone who needs to earn a living. But clients appreciate honesty and if you personally approve of the product or service you are offering, most clients would not reject you.

5. Chasing Prospects

One word: Don’t. Don’t chase prospects at all. Of course, you have to talk to them and offer your product or service but don’t keep bugging them until they say yes. Chances are, they’d get irritated and won’t buy from you even if they did need the product or service you are offering. What a waste!

6. On Objections

You are talking to your client to offer something, not to start a debate. Therefore, when the client says something to evade you, don’t start countering immediately. Your new sales mindset should include using polite words and acknowledging that you understand their point and or situation. However, try to reopen the conversation if you can. For example, if the person tells you, “Send me information”, say you’d do that but would the client care to listen to a bonus your product is offering? This way you’d recapture your client’s interest without blatantly ignoring their choices.

7. Defense Mechanism

Your initial reaction when a client asks why he or she should choose your product or service is to take the defensive stance. However, this would only give more sales pressure to the client. Instead, you should go back to the key points of the client’s problems and how the product or service you are offering can help the client. In this new sales mindset, you will avoid pressure. At the same time, you highlight the good points of your products. It’s a win-win situation.

All these strategies are all just a matter of mindsets. If you can adopt a new sales mindset, your output will improve significantly and you’ll have more sale.

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