ad copy sparklersAd copy sparklers are necessary to attract the attention of your prospects into taking interest in your business. They come in different packaging and presentation. Basically, all sparklers serve as baits to keep your target hooked for the longest possible time.

Ad Copy Sparklers to Spice up Your Business

1.       Hand-written letters

Ad copy sparklers are best served through hand-written, customized letters. Layout your advertisement in a piece of paper and then scan it. Polish it a bit using photo editor software, optimize it, and then post it on your site. Customers always appreciate banners carefully crafted with personal touch.

2.       Flaunt famous customers

Show a list of famous or professional customers who have purchased a product from you in the past. You can also add customer testimonials as your ad copy sparklers. Once you post them in your site, they will see how good your reputation has been for the past transactions you have made. It will push consumers to trust and rely on your products, until the time comes that they are convinced enough to purchase your products.

3.       Show great results

Ad copy sparklers can come in the form of pictures. Post before and after pictures that show how your product became the ultimate solution to your customers’ problems. Let them know that your product is effective.

4.       Post a review

One of the best ad sparklers is a review about you and your business. Show how your product has brought wonders to the lives of its users. Reviews also build credibility and good image. Once these two start to increase, so will your sales.

5.       Show accurate value

In this price-driven market, effective ad copy sparklers are product promos and bonuses. When offering a free bonus, do not forget to put the exact value of the bonus product. This will make your customers realize how great your deal offering is.

6.       Hire an image endorse

Hire a celebrity or any famous personality with good reputation to endorse your product. Include their picture and a short tagline that would linger to the minds of the audience.

7.       Post your actual picture

Do not ever hide behind your ad copy sparklers. Show your actual picture and add up contact information for them to trust you more.

8.       Allocate funds to charitable works

Show the people you are not only after personal gains. Tell your customers on your ad copy sparklers that every time they buy, a small percentage of the sales will go to charitable institutions. If you cannot make them buy, make them donate.

9.       Stimulate yes-no questions

Your copy sparklers should always dig into the problem of the consumers. Once your ad gets to highlight their concerns, start showing possible solutions that your product can bring. Tell them the important things they might let pass just because they rejected the product.

10.   Sparkle them with prizes

Your ad copy should also contain mini games in which they could win free prizes. The longer they look at the advertisement, the greater the possibility that they will purchase.

Se this ten efficient strategies and witness your ad copy sparklers take the lead in alluring potential customers.

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