ad serverAd server is essential when you want to buy media in bulk or if you have tons of ad campaigns to run. In my previous article, I discussed about how an ad server could work. It may sound technical at first, but you’d get used to it. Meanwhile, there are still lots of question about having one’s own ad server. Many think it is not necessary to have your own. But while it is not completely incumbent upon a media buyer to have his own ad server, it is highly recommended.

Why Have your Own Ad Server?

Below, we listed down some of the reasons why you should try to have your own ad server. Yes, even if the publisher already have one, you’ll still find yourself in need of an ad sever you can call your own.

1.       To Gain Insights.

You surely want to know how your ad is doing. One of the reasons why I strongly suggest having your own ad server is that you can gain insights on the performance of your ads. Whereas without it, you’d be at the mercy of any publisher to whom you would turn to so you can get insights. The downside of this is that you’d often be left with an incomplete picture. Do you really think you’d get full transparency anyway?

With the use of your own ad server, you have the best chance to get the insights yourself. This includes those that are not visible to publishers. Find relevant statistics on placement, geography and hourly, among many others.  Use this information to improve your ads.

2.       To Track your Campaign More Efficiently.

Consequently, your own ad server lets you track your campaign better because you can do it on your own. Accountability is then reliant on you. This is very important in online advertising. Without your own ad server, you may find yourself getting reports that are not too believable. Or simply, reports may vary.

If you have your own ad server, you rely on the results that are before your eyes. You have your independent report. If you have a publisher and an own ad server at the same time, you’d see the difference in reports. If anything goes wrong, you can hold your ad networks and publishers accountable.

3.       To Enjoy Creative Freedom.

With your own ad server, you can enjoy liberal advertising. Show your creativity without limiting yourself to what publishers say or set. Choose the format you would like based on your ad. Decide how to optimize your ads’ delivery. With this, you’d find out which is more effective than the others.

4.       To Keep your Data Private.

Tracking revenue is part of advertising. Of course, you want to know if you are achieving your target ROI. However, information about your earnings, is something you want to keep to yourself. When working with publishers, you are allowing them to access that information. If you agree that it’s something confidential, then it’s best to track your campaign via your own ad server.

Moreover, you keep your data to yourself. Since you get to control your data, you can take steps to protect it. Unlike working with publishers, you may end up forfeiting your ownership. After all, you gave them expressed consent to access it.

5.       For Hands-On Ads Management.

There are some things that you just want to handle by yourself. Advertising, being expensive, is one of those things. Having your own ad server allows you to have hands-on control over your ad campaigns. With this, you need not rely on your publisher’s actions. You have centralized control. That is, running the campaign depends on your decisions.

6.       To Better Track your Expenses.

In connection with nos. 1 and 4, you want to be able to track not only your performance. Basically, you want to track how you are spending. Having your own ad server would have you paying for it. This remains true if you have tons of ads to get online. Generally, ad serving costs between $0.01 and $0.10 Cost Per Mille (CPM). Another factor to consider is the cost for content delivery network (CDN). In terms of gigabyte of transfer, this ranges from $0.02 to 0.06.

7.       To Keep your Ads Fresh.

With your own ad server, you can examine your ads in real time. How are they performing now, at this very minute? With this momentary information, you would know how to act. Consequently, you are able to save unnecessary expenses that may come up if you need to compensate for delays. In other words, with your own server, you get fresh, up-to-the-minute news about the performance of your ads.

8.       To Add Some Level of Consistency.

Finally, having your own ad server allows you to check your ad campaign and do some balancing if necessary. That is, in case you need to do less of something and more of the other, you can do so. The power of control is in your hands and not in the publishers. Hence, you can add some level of consistency to make sure your ad campaigns are on the right track. And thus, you get what you are paying for.

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