successful ezine advertisingSuccessful ezine advertising is something any advertiser would want to work for. Perhaps you’ve tried a lot of advertising method in the past that didn’t work. You may have tried banner exchange programs, affiliate programs, FFA sites and classified ads, to no avail. Worry not. With a successful ezine advertising, your ordeal at marketing would be over!

Why strive for a Successful Ezine Advertising

You may have probably heard it a million times. Everyone says that the web is the largest market in mankind. While this is true, it’s still a question of how to reach out to millions of people across the globe. The answer lies in successful ezine advertising.

If you haven’t observed by now, people love reading ezines. Ezines, also known as ‘opt-in’ lists offer an opportunity for you to reach your target audience. Just pay for a space to display your ad in ezines and you have a chance to launch a successful ezine advertising. This is why many advertisers are turning their heads towards achieving successful ezine ads. They know how it can deliver amazing results!

Nowadays, over 90,000 ezines are being published on a monthly basis. So you need not worry over your product not matching any particular ezine. There is most likely an ezine somewhere that matches your market.

Benefits of Successful Ezine Advertising

Successful ezine advertising is not costly. Unlike other online advertising method it will not break the bank. A five-line advertisement being read by thousands of people will cost you $5-$20 per issue. Successful advertising is cheap in that sense! There is little risk and a lot to gain here.

7 Useful tips for Successful Ezine Advertising

To achieve a successful ezine advertising campaign, remember these words of wisdom:

  1. Monitor your advertisements. If successful advertising is what you aim for, do your part and track your ads. If you place your ads in 10 ezines, you’ll need to know which one of them gets responses the most. This way, you would know which is more valuable than the others. How to do this? Always look at the subject line in the response as it would often indicate the particular ezine from which the response came. You can also list down URLs and code them.
  1. Make your audience targeted. The secret to successful ezine advertising is not only to attract audience. The main goal is to attract the particular audience that would be interested to buy your product. For instance, if you are selling home appliances, don’t advertise in an ezine dealing with stocks. No reader would probably throw a glance at your ad. To target your audience, look for ezines in ezine directories such as ‘The Free Directory of Ezines’. Find an ezine that matches the product or services you’re advertising.
  2. Observe your chosen ezine. Once you’re over selecting, subscribe to them. See if there are ads that kept appearing on every issue. It’s an indicator that the ad probably sells. Go for that ezine and you’ll likely have a successful ezine advertising.
  3. Examine the number of ads in your chosen ezine. If it has 15-20 ads on a particular issue, forget that ezine. Readers may have become used to ads appearing there. Chances are, they won’t bother with the ads anymore.
  4. Know if the ezine has a policy for exclusivity. You would want one that has a policy against advertising 2 or more similar products in a given issue. To achieve successful ezine advertising, your goal is to make people turn their attention to your ad and not an ad of your competitor’s.
  5. Do not go for big ezines that have too many ads. Here, the size of the ezine you display your ad to, doesn’t matter. Even if it has millions of subscribers, if those subscribers see a lot of ads in a given issue, they may have hardened themselves for ads. Go for smaller ones where your audience can be more targeted.
  6. Successful ezine advertising demands that you repeat your ads at least thrice in one ezine. If you have the budget, better go for this. Then ask for a discount in case of bulk advertising.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when aiming for a successful ezine advertising!

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