improving trafficImproving traffic of your website is important for your success as a web marketer. An increase in website traffic translates to increase in sales. Hence, increasing traffic is a must. Sam Kung of gave seven ways you could use in improving traffic for our website.

Improving traffic in 7 ways

1. Write reviews.

A great way to improve traffic for your website is by writing reviews for books, movies, music, or anything that interests you. Aside from writing what you like you could also capitalize this step in improving traffic for your website by writing about things that people like. By writing reviews for topics that people like you will be assured of people who will be searching for websites that include such topics.

2. Write tips.

Another way in improving traffic of your website is by writing tips or opinions for certain issues or events. In doing this, you need not to go on full blast research, writing tips of the things you know is enough.

3. Answer queries.

Aside from devising ways in improving traffic of your website, you could also build connection with your readers by answering their various questions. This is a great informal way of fostering trust with your readers. Of course you need to give them great answers for them to visit your page more often.

4. Communicate with your viewers.

As stated in the previous tip it is important to foster trust and connection with your readers as this is a great way in improving traffic of your website. Hence, to build communication you need to write like you are having conversations with them. Be casual as possible but remember propriety in words.

5. Choose your topic wisely.

When you write, choose a topic that is interesting but not a lot of people is writing about. This will help in improving traffic of your website as there are less websites that compete with yours. As a suggestion, you may opt to choose a do-it-yourself topic like “how to start your own online business?”

6. Impress your readers through your introduction.

You only have few minutes to impress your readers, hence make the most out of it by giving them a time-worthy introduction that will hook them. This will greatly aid in improving traffic of your website.

7. Introduce yourself.

Aside from the above tips, you should never forget to include a brief description of yourself in your website, Publishing your brief background will help people to know you. Likewise, this is also a great opportunity in improving traffic of your other websites.


Following the above tips are truly useful to improve the traffic of your website. Whatever endeavor you may undertake, it must be interesting, entertaining and most importantly able to connect with people as these qualities are the surest ways in improving traffic.

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