copyCopy needs to be reviewed and checked by a writer before publishing it. Below are helpful tips to a competent writing result.

Review it from the customers’ perspective

First, you need to review the original. Consider how your customers will read your final copy. Make sure to check the following:

  • Flow
  • Eye-catching headlines
  • Tone
  • Impact of the concept

Don’t get hung up on grammar and usage

It’s normal to make mistakes. It just shows that you are really a human and not an automated machine that produces it alone. Be confident on what you are delivering on a piece. As long as the thought is there, tell yourself, it will work. Writers and proofreaders also check and correct it before they post it. This is to ensure that you’ll deliver it with quality.

Avoid copy by committee

Start a committee if you want to kill a project or an idea.  Misguided and conflicting testimonials put the writer and his team in a stiffed position of trying to satisfy customers. Always publish informational copies to interested audience. They can give you good comments rights away.

Minimize the rounds

Give thorough feedback by sending all your comments, tips, suggestions, and corrections to the copywriter. The writer will consider them all when he re-writes. He can make it short and informative even just by using more or less 3 rounds.

Provide specific comments

Presenting specific comments on the re-write gives you the chances to a successful result. Instead of saying, “This is lacking of information”, you may say, “There are more benefits this copy can cover”.

Let the writer do the rewriting

Be honest.  Don’t hesitate to let the writer know all your issues and concerns. Address him directly. Don’t be too worried if the writer rewrites your piece. It’s really a part of effective copywriting.

Judge it based upon your objectives

Each of it needs to be inspected. Critic it based on what you want to attain. It should be factually relevant and technically accurate. Assure yourself that the copy is written with particular purposes: generate sales, promote your company, goods, products or services and build your brand.

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