postcard printingPostcard printing is one of the most popular business marketing tools today. Its popularity comes from three things. First is its success in making businesses known to their respective target markets, and motivating them to respond to the call. Second is its cost efficiency. Third, despite its being part of traditional communications technology, postcard printing remains one of the most effective ways of luring your target market to visit your website and purchase online.

How to begin postcard printing

To enjoy the fruits of having a direct mail marketing strategy with printing postcard, you cannot simply add a business photo and say ‘buy from us’. Get what you want from postcard printing by building up a mailing list. Your mailing list shall be composed of your clients, both present and prospective ones, and not just some collection of mixed up names.

Next, develop an offer your recipients cannot refuse. Package your offers and discounts in such a way that would grab their attention in a wink of an eye. Follow these postcard printing tips to make an already effective message be another notch effective.

The bigger, the better in postcard printing

Postcards are great in getting attention from the mailbox. An attractive and modern design is sure to be of interest to people in your mailing list. However, a regular-sized may not be as eye-catching as you thought it would be if there are other postcards in the mailbox. To make sure yours is noticed, consider postcard printing in bigger sizes. Postcards ordinarily measure 4 by 6 inches. Try printing on 5 by 8 inches or 6 by 11 inches-sized paper. Bigger postcards also mean having additional space to write up every interesting bit about your enterprise. .

Double-sided postcard printing

Another trick you can try to maximize your investments in postcard printing is to print on both sides. Do not frown just yet. There is a logic in double-sided printing than merely taking advantage of the space at the back.

When mail carriers deliver them, they need to look at the back. That is why all mails come address-side up. If you print at the back of the postcard and start your pitch there, chances are recipients will be more interested on reading what is on the front.

Watch-out for postcard printing discounts

If you do not have a printer built to make postcards, do not worry. There are lots of postcard printing discounts in the market. Having postcards made at discounted prices allows your business to have more postcards without hurting the budget. You may even avail of UV coated or matte full-colored postcards.

Printing postcards is a marketing tool that stayed over the years and will continuously remain in the years to come. Maximize your investment in direct mail marketing with printing postcards.

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